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16 Recipes to Spice up your Summer BBQ

There’s is nothing better than a BBQ on a sunny day. You spend the day lounging in the sun, around 4 you try to light up the barbecue, 2 hours later it’s hot enough to cook something (gas barbecues are the way forward) and what do you cook? Boring old sausages and burgers.

This summer why not spice up your BBQ menu with some delicious new recipes? Perfect for inviting over friends and celebrating in the sun. It will be raining again soon, after-all.

Here are 16 brilliant BBQ recipes to try out:

1. Bacon bourbon BBQ chicken kebabs

via Hostthetoast.com

Chicken is tasty enough, but with added bacon flavour these kebabs are out of this world. Marinade them well in advance for an extra punch and make plenty – these are going to be very popular.

Recipe here. 

2. Chargrilled monkfish kebabs

via Jamieoliver.com

Make these kebabs as the recipe says, but whack them on your BBQ rather than a grill pan. Fish from a BBQ is delicious and a just that little bit different from the norm.

Recipe here.

3. Grilled courgette with lemon salt

Grilled Zucchini Salad with Sea Salt and Lemon Zest
Via allroadsleadtothe.kitchen

BBQs don’t have to be all meat – by adding some yummy grilled vegetables your guests will love you. These grilled courgettes are full of zing making them perfect for a hot day.

Recipe here. 

4. Grilled honey mustard chicken

via Redstarrecipe.com

If you want lots of taste but not too much spice, then this chicken recipe if for you. Even better, you can part-cook it in advance then just finish it off on the BBQ.

Recipe here.

5. Creamy coleslaw

via Lovegrowswild.com

You can’t have a BBQ without having coleslaw and this recipe is very easy to make. Creamy, fresh and tasty it will go with those gorgeous meats you’re grilling.

Recipe here. 

6. Bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers

via Minipiekitchen.com

If your guests love spice then this recipe is a must. Creamy, spicy and with bacon (bacon should be on everything) these little bites are a must for your BBQ party.

Recipe here. 

7. Bacon wrapped onion rings

summer recipies 2020Just how delicious do these look? Serve them at your BBQ and your friends will be fighting over them – and begging you for the recipe!

Recipe here.

8. The insanity burger

insanity burger
via Jamieoliver.com

This burger takes effort to make, but it’s more than worth it for the taste. Brushed with mustard, Tabasco and Chipotle while it cooks, this burger is probably the best you’ll ever taste.

Recipe here. 

9. Chocolate and marshmallow stuffed bananas

bbq recipies 2020
via Whatsgabycooking.com

BBQs aren’t just for meat, you can make a delicious dessert on them too. These stuffed bananas will ooze out yummy, gooey marshmallow and chocolate. Very hard to resist.

Recipe here. 

10. Strawberry lemonade

bbq recipies for summer 2020
via Laylita.com

You can’t serve up a BBQ feast without a refreshing drink. This strawberry lemonade is delicious and perfect for the whole family. Serve with lots of ice!

Recipe here. 

11. Mexican grilled corn

mexican recipies 2020
via taste and tell

It’s not a proper BBQ without some grilled corn. Fresh and zesty, this recipe is full of flavour and just the right amount of spice.

Recipe here.

12. Cilantro and lime marinated chicken fajita kebabs

recipies 2020
via Seriouseats.com

If you love all the flavours of a fajita then you’ll adore this kebab. Grill some tortillas too and dollop on some sour cream for the ultimate BBQ fajita.

Recipe here. 

13. DIY barbecue sauce

diy sauce 2020
via Theyummylife.com

Instead of serving bottled barbecue sauce, why not go the extra mile and make your own? This recipe is great as it lets you decide what kind of sauce to make – sweet, hot or smokey – depending on your own tastes.

Recipe here. 

14. Fool-proof ribs

via Firsthomelovelife.com

There’s little better than a well cook, well-seasoned rack of ribs. Slow cook these as the recipe says then bang them on the BBQ for an extra taste.

Recipe here.

15. Loaded sweet potato skins

sweet potato recipies 2020
via Sallysbakingaddiction.com

With all that meat, you need some good old carbohydrates at your BBQ. These loaded sweet potatoes are a little fancier than a regular baked potato. Wrap them in foil to put them on your BBQ.

Recipe here.

16. Grilled shortcake skewers

cake recipe 2020
via Betsylife.com

Another dessert to make your mouth water! These sweet kebabs are gorgeous and it’s super easy to swap out the fruit for something else.

Recipe here. 

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