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Top 5 Most Bizarre WWE Storylines – Do You Remember the Baby Hand?

Every week the wrestling is full of weird WWE storylines that hurt our minds. Over the years the WWE has sparked controversy and complaint but the stories featured below were just bizarre. We have no idea what writers got away with such rubbish.

So brace yourself, for these are the weirdest WWE plots:

1. Mark Henry, Mae Young and their baby hand

weird wwe storylines
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As weird WWE storylines go, the relationship between Mae Young and Mark Henry was awfully bizarre. Mae Young was old enough to be Mark Henry’s mum at the time, which made the whole relationship very creepy. But that’s not the the worst part of the storyline. No, just weeks into the relationship it was revealed that Mae Young was pregnant with a hand. Yes, you read that correctly, a hand! After the baby hand was born the relationship fizzled out but not without leaving WWE fans very puzzled.

2. The backstory of Kane and the Undertaker

weird wwe storyline
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This second weird WWE storyline involves The Undertaker and Kane. These ‘brothers’ have had a very rocky relationship. Indeed it’s impossible to keep up with whether they are on talking terms or not. Kane was supposed to have died in the fire that killed Taker’s parents, so when Kane arrived and wanted to fight The Undertaker he refused. Kane shot lots of lightening (bear with us) to try and make him fight. They then united to become a tag team until Kane decided to set Taker on fire then they fought for awhile. Kane got a DNA test and proved Taker was only his half brother but he still helped Taker defeat Steve Austin. Then Taker admitted he lit the fire that killed their parents and scarred Kane – Taker also unmasked Kane. Keeping up? Well then Taker became a biker and teamed up with Kane again and well… they’ve been on/off feuding and burying each other alive ever since.

3. The Boogeyman

weird wwe storyline
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The Boogeyman is less a weird WWE storyline and more just a bizarre character in general. Pretty much a gimmick, The Boogeyman’s stage entrance would involve him crawling around with worms in his mouth. He also liked to kidnap WWE Divas and put worms in other wrestler’s mouths. Super disgusting.

4. When Shawn Michael’s Tag Team partner was God

In this weird WWE storyline Vince McMahon decided to mock the highly-religious Shawn Michaels by making his tag team partner against the McMahons God. The fight took place at Backlash and Vince had a weird God entrance which is shown in the video above. You can see Vince dancing about the ring for some reason. Michaels lost the match as he was one man against many.

5. Vince McMahon faked his own death

weird wwe storylines
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This weird WWE storyline was shelved quickly after the true death of wrestler Chris Benoit and his family. Basically Vince McMahon went to get into his limousine which exploded. WWE run the story as if Vince had died, which put the WWE stocks into madness. People actually thought he was dead.


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