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Heres The Real Story Behoind Why Beyonce’s Topshop Clothing Line Flopped

It is fair to say unless you live under a rock, you know who Beyonce is, all her big tunes and probably a great deal more about her what is going on in her life than your own friends and family! The celebrity bombshell has brought out record breaking hits, iconic dance routines, and sweet fragrances but this is all about her newest venture.

via topshop.com
via topshop.com

Beyonce paired up with Topshop, one of the leading high street fashion retailers from the UK to the USA so the collaboration was a no-brainer. The clothing line also included shoes and accessories all with a sporty theme, named Ivy Park. The range included bold bodysuits, gym shorts, dance leotards and summery sliders, all of which looked really cool and on trend with the current health craze and alongside that health wear craze. On this basis, everyone was expecting the Ivy Park range to fly off the shelves and sell out in minutes online, similar to how Balmain x H&M sold out and Kylie Jenner’s lip kits each and every week; people just love celebrity tagged items! However, the range was actually a huge flop!

via movietechgeeks.com
via movietechgeeks.com

The Topshop flagship stores expected queues, website crashing, and rampages to buy items that would triple in value once they left that shop floor, yet this was oddly not the case! This still all seems very odd considering Beyonce is pretty much the most popular and one of the most famous pop stars of today and all time! This could have all been explained to be due to the huge lack of promotional effort put in by Topshop and Beyonce herself! Due to no hype being built, there was no excitement about the range so therefore no crazy customers waiting outside the shops from silly o’clock. Once more, the range does not cater for her plus size fans, which poses the question is the range only for fit people continuing to get fit and not for people starting out to get fit?

via etonline.com
via etonline.com

However, Beyonce has a 22% of all profit heading straight to her bank account so she probably is not concerned at all because she will still make a killing! In comparison, big companies such as Victoria Secret and MAC offer 1% to celebrity endorsed ranges. Will you be going to buy some Ivy Park leggings?


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