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10 Celebrities Who Have Been Married Multiple Times

It is hard for celebrities to keep their private lives private and so when they decide to get married numerous times it’s bound to make the headlines. Here are 10 celebrities who have had multiple marriages.

Demi Moore: 3 marriages

DemiMoore marriages
Courtesy of Foxnews.com

We have all heard about Demi Moore’s marriages to Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher but how many people knew she had been married before that!

1980-1984: Freddy Moore

1987-1998: Bruce Willis

2005-2011: Ashton Kutcher

Kate Winslet: 3 marriages

kate winslet marriages
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Kate Winslet is a celebrity who never seems to age. She has had 3 marriages but seems very happy with her current husband, who just so happens to have Richard Branson as his uncle.

1998-2001: Jim Threapleton

2003-2011: Sam Mendes

2012-present: Ned Rocknroll

Drew Barrymore: 3 marriages

demi moore marriages
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Drew Barrymore may have had a wild youth but she has settled down and is enjoying family bliss with her 3rd husband and their children.

1994: Jeremy Thomas

2001: Tom Green

2012-present: Will Kopelman

Tom Cruise: 3 marriages 

tom cruise marriages
Courtesy of blurrent.com

Tom Cruise is another celebrity with 2 high profile marriages but he also had a 2 year marriage before he met Nicole Kidman.

1987-1989: Mimi Rogers

1990-2001: Nicole Kidman

2006-2012: Katie Holmes

Kim Kardashian: 3 marriages

kim kardashian marriages
Courtesy of Zap2it.com

Love them or loathe them. Kim and Kayne make headlines whatever they do. It wasn’t that long ago that Kim was making headlines due to the short length of her 2nd marriage (72 days).

2000-2003: Damon Thomas

2011: Kris Humphries

2014-present: Kanye West

Three seems to be a fairly average number of marriages for celebrities these days but these next few have had more than their fair share.

Frank Sinatra: 4 marriages

Frank Sinatra marriages
Courtesy of mostlysinatra.com

He may have had a fair few marriages but he last one to Barbara Manx only ended when he died in 1998.

1939-1951: Nancy Sinatra

1951-1957: Ava Gardner

1966-1968: Mia Farrow

1976 -1998: Barbara Marx

Martin Scorsese: 5 marriages

Martin Scorsese
Courtesy of ew.com

Martin Scorsese has racked up 5 marriages since his first wedding in 1965. His latest seems to be standing the test of time as it’s still going since 1999.

1965-1971: Laraine Marie Brennan

1976-1977: Julia Cameron

1979-1983: Isabella Rossellini

1985-1991: Barbara De Fina

1999-present: Helen Schermerhorn Morris

Billy Bob Thornton: 6 marriages

Billy Bob Thornton
Courtesy of oprah.com

Billy Bob Thornton’s most high profile marriage has got to be to Angelina Jolie. The pair made headlines for 2 years before they parted ways but Thornton had had many more marriages before that!

1978-1980: Melissa Lee Gatlin

1986-1987: Toni Lawrence

1990-1992: Cynda Williams

1993-1997: Pietra Dawn Cherniak

2000-2002: Angelina Jolie

2014-present: Connie Angland

Elizabeth Taylor: 8 marriages!

Elizabeth Taylor
Courtesy of biography.com

One of Elizabeth Taylor’s marriage was to the same person so she has technically married 7 people but has still had 8 marriages!

1950-1951: Conrad Hilton Jr.

1952-1957: Michael Wilding

1957-1958Mike Todd

1959-1964: Eddie Fisher

1964-1974: Richard Burton

1975-1976: Richard Burton, again

1976-1982: Senator John Warner

1991-1996: Larry Fortensky

Larry King: 8 marriages!

Larry King marriages
Courtesy of huffingtonpost.com

Larry is another celeb to have married the same person twice. Maybe there’s just something about multiple marriages that make people fall in love again!

1951-1952: Freda Miller

1961: Annette Kaye

1961-1963:  Alene Akins

1963-1967: Mary Francis Stuphin

1969-1972: Alene Akins, again

1976-1983: Sharon Lepore

1989-1990: Julie Alexander

1997-present : Shawn Southwick

Featured image source: Elle.com


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