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10 Creepiest Killers on Criminal Minds – #5 is Scariest

Criminal Minds is an exceptional TV show. Where else would you get so many serial killers on a weekly basis?

From the creepy to the downright psychotic, here are 10 of the best (or worst really) killers to have faced the BAU. We just hope there isn’t actually that many serial killers on the loose in America…

Tobias Hankel

criminal minds
via Criminalminds.wikia.org

Any Criminal Minds unsub who goes after one of our beloved FBI agents is instantly in our major bad books. Tobias Hankel not only went after Reid (major no-no) but JJ too. Hankel had multiple personalities – including that of his highly religious father – and kills people based on their sins. He even uploads these killings to the internet. JJ was left in a barn with bloodthirsty killer dogs while Reid was kept hostage for days and injected with drugs.

Dr Barry Goodman

criminal minds
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How can you not be absolutely terrified of a man who tries to kill you using your worst fears? Dr Barry Goodman finds out your worst fear then kills you using it. This included the man he drowned and the woman he tried to bury alive.

Roger and Anita Roycewood

criminal minds
via Rantlifestyle.com

We really didn’t like the Roycewoods – they kidnapped children and killed the ones that didn’t act exactly how they wanted. What was really creepy about this pair (bar the evil kidnapping…) was the fact they seemed like such a nice older couple on the outside.

Dr. Mason Turner and his brother Lucas

criminal minds
via Wegotthiscovered.com

When you get an Unsub who is capable of making someone murder on their behalf it’s pretty darn scary. Mason Turner was able to compel his autistic brother to kill the homeless and prostitutes so he could conduct stem cell therapy experiments in an attempt to cure his paralysis.

Jeffrey Charles

criminal minds
via CBS.com

When the BAU go looking for a serial killer in Texas who is killing kids, they weren’t expecting the unsub to be a a child too. Jeffrey Charles was resentful of other children whose mother hadn’t abandoned them.

Robert and Linda Reimann

criminal minds
via CBS.com

One of the creepiest on Criminal Minds, Robert Reimann abducts woman to impregnate. If they have a son his wife takes the child, however if they have a girl he will kill the mother and then put the baby girl up for adoption.

Rhett Walden

criminal minds
via Wegotthiscovered.com

Uber creepy Rhett Walden wants young actresses to recreate the scene his 1920’s actress mother was famous for. When they fail he kills them and cuts off their lips. Yuck indeed.

Adam Rain

criminal minds
via Thelastdrivein.com

Adam Rain is the puppet man of Criminal Minds. That is, he abducts people then dislocates their joints so he can hang them like puppets. He does this so he can continually recreate the the hold-up that ended in his father’s death.

The Reaper aka George Foyet

criminal minds
via Criminalminds.wikia.org

The Reaper is one of the most evil serial killers that we are ever likely to come across in Criminal Minds. Mainly due to the fact we will NEVER get over how he killed Hotchner’s wife. This killer even stabbed himself dozens of times in order to appear to be a victim.

Marcus Younger

criminal minds
via CBS.com

Poor Marcus Younger, nobody cared about him when he injured himself at school and could no longer play sports. But did he really need to kidnap three female footballers, give them hammers and demand that they kill each other? This one gave us nightmares.

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