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10 Major Plot Holes in Disney Movies That Will Ruin Your Childhood

When we were little Disney films were perfect, but as we watch these Disney movies as adults you start to notice a few gaping plot holes that you cannot ignore. Have you ever noticed these Disney plot holes? We are sure these gap holes in Disney movies will ruin your childhood. Let’s have a peek into them:

Why does Rapunzel’s hair turn brown?

plot holes
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When bits of Rapunzel’s hair get cut off they might turn brown but the rest of her hair stays blonde, so why does her hair go completely brown at the end?

Why was Maleficent so poor at choosing who to look for Aurora?

plot holes
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As plot holes go, Sleeping Beauty had a corker. Why does Maleficent decide to send various peons who fail to find Aurora instead of Diablo? He finds her immediately!

How could Hades not realise that Hercules was alive?

plot holes
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Hades lives in the Underworld surrounded by dead souls – how could he not notice that Hercules’ soul was missing?

Why was there a glass slipper after midnight?

plot holes
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Cinderella was told that EVERYTHING would turn back after midnight. Why then were her shoes able to remain unchanged?

What’s with the time travelling portrait?

plot holes
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The Beast was cursed when he was 11, so how was there a very accurate portrait of him grown-up? Sounds like a plot hole to us…

Talking of Beauty and the Beast plot holes…

plot holes
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How did none of the people from Belle’s village not notice the massive castle just outside the village? Surely a few trees in a forest won’t hide an entire castle.

Surely Woody must have had previous owners?

plot holes
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We found out in Toy Story 2 that Woody is a rare toy from 1958 making him 40 years old. Andy couldn’t possibly have had him for that long so why doesn’t he remember his previous owners and thus make him more accepting of changing owner?

Why didn’t Ariel just write to Eric?

plot holes
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We know Ariel could read and write so why didn’t she just write down the situation for Prince Eric. One of the more daft Disney plot holes.

Why didn’t Jafar just mind control everyone?

plot holes
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Jafar has a magical stick with mind control powers. Why didn’t he just make the Sultan crown him and be done with it? He could even convince Aladdin to leave and jump off a cliff if he so desired.

Buzz Lightyear is an odd one…

plot holes
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Buzz Lightyear is convinced he’s actually a space ranger rather than a moving toy. Why then does he freeze when humans are about?

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