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10 Obscure Holidays You Should Totally Celebrate

Bored of Valentines Day? Sick of Halloween? Or just looking to bring more enjoyment inbetween the festivities? Well, we have a list of interesting holidays you probably haven’t even heard of but should definitely be taking part in – one for every month of the year!

10th January: Houseplant Appreciation Day

I know this sounds a bit mad, but in case you didn’t already know houseplants are good for you. Humans have evolved over 200,000 years alongside flora and fauna, so it only makes sense that a home filled with plants would make us feel good. These days we spend 90% of our time indoors rather than outside, but genetically we still need the benefits plants give us. These include cleaner air and humidity control, which can prevent the symptoms of air pollution such as headaces, sore and itchy eyes and poor concentration levels. Considering all they do for us, Houseplant Appreciation Day doesn’t seem like such a silly idea anymore does it? Celebrate it by adding a new green friend to your collection!

Image courtesy of the bbc.co.uk
Image courtesy of the bbc.co.uk

13th February: Blame Someone Else Day

On Friday 13th February 1982 Anne Moeller of Clio, Michigan, woke up late because her alarm clock didn’t go off, and subsquently she was late for meetings all day. Therefore, she created Blame Someone Else Day, and the rest is history. Use today as an opportunity to get away with everything physically possible.

Image courtesy of weknowmemes.com
Image courtesy of weknowmemes.com

1st March: National Pig Day

Bacon lovers rejoice! There is a day dedicated to your favourite food source, the domesticated pig. Created by Ellen Stanley, an art teacher from Texas, her intent was for pigs to be recognised as intelligent animals. Most are unaware of how smart pigs are – much cleverer than dogs – they can even do tricks and make surprisingly pets. Celebrate today by munching on something baconated, or visit a petting zoo, depending on where your loyalities lie.

Image courtesy of theindychannel.com
Image courtesy of theindychannel.com

13th April: Scrabble Day

Scrabble day celebrates, you guessed it, Scrabble. The popular board game loved by the grammatically correct of all ages. Perhaps the easiest day to honour, challenge your friends or family to a few rounds. It’s less likely to destroy your relationships than Monopoly.

image courtesy of jolsoncruz.com
image courtesy of jolsoncruz.com

14th May: Dance Like A Chicken Day

Along with bad DJs and drunk relatives, it’s traditional at every wedding reception to do the chicken dance. Whether you love the cheesy routine or it makes you cringe, it won’t kill you to honour this timeless classic once a year and shake ya tailfeather!


8th June: Best Friend Day

Whether they’re your brother from another mother, or sister from another mister, your best friend is the family you choose yourself. They’re there for the highs and the lows, as well as your most embarassing moments you’d probably rather forget. Show them just how much you care by making some time for them in your busy schedule by going for a coffee and a catch up, or just doing something you both love together.

Image courtesy of www.ravebin.com
Image courtesy of ravebin.com

1st July: Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day

Like anybody needs another excuse to eat ice cream, but in case you did, Creative Ice Cream Flavours day is a chance to eat even more. Push the boat out and try a flavour you usually wouldn’t go for, or create your own weird and wonderful taste sensations.


30 August: Frankenstein Day

Frankenstein Day is in honour of Mary Shelley, author of the novel and creator of the legendary monster. She was born on this day in 1797, and would write the famous book in 1818. Celebrate this day by either reading or reading the classic tale, or if you’re too lazy for that watch one of the many film or TV adaptions on telly.

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org
Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

5th September: Be Late For Something Day

For some people this is a way of life rather than a once a year holiday. If you’re that person who is always on time, give the other side of the fence a try. Spend an extra 15 minutes in bed or turn up fashionably late for something, using today as an excuse to avoid getting into trouble. At the very least you’ll have a better understanding of type B personalities.

Image courtesy of quickmeme.com
Image courtesy of quickmeme.com

Second Friday in October: World Egg Day

World Egg Day celebrates the many benefits of eggs, which range from improving eye health and lowering cholesterol to being rich in Omega 3. Celebrate by eating at least one egg-based meal, or trying out as many different egg cooking techniques as you can.

Image courtesy of cookbookers.co.uk
Image courtesy of cookbookers.co.uk

2nd November: Look For Circles Day

This holiday is pretty self-explanatory. Take a look around and you’ll find circles EVERYWHERE. Warning: May lead to an existential crisis.

Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org
Image courtesy of en.wikipedia.org

18th December: Bake Cookies Day

Perhaps the best holiday of all, Bake Cookies Day is all about indulging your sweet tooth. Whether it’s chocolate chip or macademia nut, make your favourite variety and share with your loved ones. Or eat them all yourself, we won’t judge.

Image courtesy of blahblahblahscience.com
Image courtesy of blahblahblahscience.com

Which day will you be celebrating from now on?

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