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7 Amazing Themed Classrooms That Will Inspire Any Student To Study There

We all saw the Harry Potter themed classroom last year. But Harry Potter isn’t the only themed classroom out there – teachers love to decorate their classroom in weird and quirky ways to inspire their students and we all can take some inspiration from these class rooms if we plan to decorate ours one day.Here are some of our favourite themes for classrooms:

1. Kanye West Classroom

themed classroom
via Adrian Perez/ABC news

As far as a educationally themed classroom goes, a Kanye West classroom might not be your first choice. But for Adrian Perez in California, there was no other choice for his fourth-grade class. As soon as they enter classmates are welcomed to the “Good Life”.

2. Mario themed classroom

themed classroom
via Heatherbetsworth.com

If you want a classroom full of nostalgia, you can’t beat a Mario themed classroom. He is, after-all, one of the most popular heroes (and plumbers) in video game history. Theme your classroom with power-ups for good behaviour.

3. Double Decker Library

themed classroom
via Theguardian.com

Not technically a themed classroom, but how awesome is this double-decker library from Rosendale primary school in London? Even better would be to paint it purple and make it into the Knight Bus.

4. An apple orchard classroom

themed classroom
via Schoolgirlstyle.com

What could be more perfect for a kindergarten or nursery class than a little apple orchard? This themed classroom is utterly adorable.

5. Superhero classrooms

themed classroom
via Mudpiestudio.com

Everyone loves superheroes – especially when those superheroes are teaching our kids great values. A fully superhero themed classroom will be full of justice for your children and it might even inspire some mighty teamwork!

6. Space themed classroom

themes classroom
via Cdnpix.com

This themed classroom is not only fun, but it’s also a great way to teach your kids about space too. We love the bulletin of “out of this world” work to celebrate student’s achievements.

7. Jungle themed classroom

themed classroom
via Schoolgirlstyle.com

Controlling a classroom of kids must be like controlling a small zoo, so why not decorate it to look like a jungle too. We especially love the little hats and binoculars.

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