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12 Surprising Facts About Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is currently one of the most sought-after stars with people marveling at her recent blossoming from child to young adult. Her fashion sense and good looks are enough to make people jealous, and she is almost as famous as her older half sister Kim Kardashian. Although part of the show Keeping up With The Kardashians, Kylie doesn’t like to reveal everything about herself. In this post we take a look at 12 surprising facts you might not have known about the star.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

Kylie’s first modeling job was with mall store Sears, and the company is touted as having launched the modeling careers of both Kylie and her sister Kendall. The first campaign was called Crush Your Style which saw Kylie strutting her stuff in high school clothes as part of the back to school campaign.

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via snookinicole.com

As well as modeling, Kylie has a number of other talents up her sleeve. One thing you may not know is that Kylie has authored a book called Rebels: City of Indra. The book was released in June 2014 and is a dystopian sci-fi novel starring two characters called Lex and Livia.

Kylie and Kendall both have the same godmother, Kathia Lee Gifford. Gifford is a good friend of mother Kris Jenner and meets up with the two sisters regularly.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

She is Just 17!

Despite looking older than her years, Kylie was born in 1997 which makes her just 17. Kylie is reportedly home schooled for just three hours a day but rumours have circulated that she won’t graduate as she has been too busy focusing on her career to study.

Kylie Jenner Has A $2.7 Million Worth House

Kylie Jenner has already bought her first house, which is in Calabasas, California and is reported to have cos around $2.7 million. Kylie turns 18 on 10th August 2015 and it’s thought that she’ll celebrate by moving into the new home.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

Kylie Owns an Italian Greyhound

Kylie has an Italian Greyhound called Norman which she received as a Christmas gift in 2014. The dog’s nickname is Norm and Kylie created an Instagram account for the pup in February 2015. Less than six months later, almost 400,000 people follow the account which features photos of him and second dog Bambi.

Kylie is Afraid of Khloe

Kylie has said that she is afraid of her sister Khloe because Khloe is like her second mother who is always scolding and disciplining her. Despite this, she has claimed that the family’s television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians has brought them closer together. Although fame has come at a price as she can no longer remember a time when the paparazzi weren’t following her around as a child.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

Never Runs Short of Friends

Kylie has had a number of famous boys as boyfriends. One of the most reported is musician Tyga but did you also know that she dated singers Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber as well as Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith too?

Kylie was a Cheerleader

While at high school, Kylie spent several years religiously cheering for the school’s sports teams. At the Sierra Canyon School, she often donned the cheerleading uniform which consisted of a white and blue outfit along with silver and blue pom poms. She also enjoyed running track, like her Olympic gold medallist father.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

You’re Not Alone – Kylie Has Had Accidents too!

While Kylie can legally drive, she needs a little more practice before anyone would call her a ‘good driver’. Just 18 days after getting her license she was part of a small accident. Luckily no one was hurt, but that didn’t teach her a lesson and she received a speeding ticket just months later.

Kylie is a Contributor to Seventeen Magazine

As well as writing a book, both Kylie and Kendall Jenner regularly contribute to Seventeen magazine. They are West Coast fashion contributors and often write their own column, updating teenage readers about fashion trends. In addition, the magazine likes to feature the popular pair in articles and shoots.

via jennerphotos.com
via jennerphotos.com

The star has launched a number of fashion products in her name, tying in with her modeling career. Two nail varnishes called Wear Something Spar-Kylie and Rainbow in the S-Kylie were released as part of an OPI collection. In 2013 she launched a jewellery range in collaboration with Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse as well as a clothing line with PacSun. In 2014 she also launched a handbag and shoe range in association with Steve Madden.


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