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13 Struggles With British Autumn Weather that Makes Every Brit Sulk

Autumn isn’t a great month. It’s the month when Uni is in full flow, work is in full flow, you’re still a couple of months away from Christmas and it’s a little too early to even really be thinking about that yet. Plus it has all of a sudden gotten cold! Oh but wait, sometimes it’s really freaking warm! You can’t win with the British Autumn months and we’ve got a great list of other reasons the season in general, is just a bit of a struggle. So read ahead for the real struggles with British autumn weather.


13. It can sometimes look warm outside but is in fact freezing

One of the worst parts about Autumn is the fact that you’ll look outside in te morning and naively think that the blue sky and sun suggests it’s a warm day like most other countries would. Oh, but no, it’s freezing!

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