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Ronnie Corbett’s Top 5 Moments – #3 Will Make You Cry Laughing

Sadly, today, we lost another true showbiz legend with the passing of the inimitable Ronnie Corbett at the grand old age of 85. He’d been in ill health for the last 3 years, and passed away with his wife and children by his side earlier this morning.

Many celebrities have already paid their own tributes to him with Bruce Forsyth’s response provoking an emotional outpouring. There is no doubt he will be greatly missed by many millions who grew up watching him on Friday night.

He’s no doubt left an outstanding legacy of comic material behind him and is most famous for his work with Ronnie Barker, as part of The Two Ronnies. However, prior to this he’d had a pretty distinguished film and theatre career and spent many years working with one of the world’s finest female impersonators Danny La Rue.

Here, Voolas takes a look back at 5 of Ronnie Corbett’s finest comic moments, and we’re sure that they’ll make you laugh and fondly remember what a true talent he was.

Cleese, Barker and Corbett on The Frost Report

One of Ronnie C’s first appearances on TV came on the 1960s television series The Frost Report, written by and starring the late David Frost. This is one of the most famous sketches to survive from the show. An imperious look at the class system featuring his partner Ronnie Barker and a very young John Cleese.

Fork Handles


Fork Handles. Handles for forks. Everyone always said how great Ronnie B was in this sketch, but Ronnie C’s quietly exasperated store manager is a joy to behold.


We honestly don’t know how either of them kept straight faces whilst they did this. It’s a truly outstanding bit of comic timing – written with utter aplomb by One Foot in the Grave creator David Renwick. Pure joy.

Crossed Lines

Another work of genius from David Renwick, on the same theme as the last but this time featuring a crossed telephone line conversation. Absolutely perfectly played by both Ronnies.

My Blackberry Isn’t Working

One of the last sketches Ronnie C ever did, and featuring another comedy stalwart Harry Enfield – this is superb. Ronnie C is very upset as the BlackBerry he bought from the greengrocers isn’t working.

Social media users have flocked to pay tribute and many of them only had one thing to say:

via Twitter @prix_de_beaute
via Twitter @prix_de_beaute

Farwell Ronnie Corbett, you will be missed by millions.

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