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Reasons Why Batman: Arkham Knight is the Best in the Trilogy

Beware, this article will have spoilers for the video game Batman:Arkham Knight!

Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham trilogy (we don’t count Arkham: Origins as it was released by another team and it’s, y’know, bad) is a masterpiece of a series. All three games have a punchy, original story that keeps you hooked to the game – none more so thank latest release Arkham Knight.

Only released this July, the game has received some great reviews. The only problem people are finding is the game’s insistence that you use for batmobile – which is rather annoying. Even with this downfall, this game is still the best in the series. Here are 19 reasons why we love Arkham Knight:

1. Arkham Knight is a great antagonist

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He’s tough, he’s strong and he knows all of Batman’s tricks. He even tells the thugs these tricks so that they put mines on vantage points and down grates. Determined to kill Batman, you want to play out the story to find out who this Arkham Knight really is.

2. The fights are slick

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The fights against thugs in Arkham Knight feel flawless; you can rack up combos quick and finish thugs off with nifty little takedowns. You can now even pick up weapons such as bats to use against thugs, which is just fun.

2. There’s Militia as well as thugs

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Highly trained soldiers, the Militia have special medics (who wear white) that can resurrect enemies you’ve knocked out. This makes things a little more interesting as you have to focus on taking these guys down first.

3. There’s tanks to fight

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Yes, that’s right you can take on tanks and drones while in the Batmobile. It’s fun to fire off missiles and make the suckers blow up.

4. The batmobile is pretty cool

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Okay, it’s super cool.

5. The upgraded version is even better


It’s all silver and shiny. It also has lots more missiles for taking out enemy tanks.

6. There’s Nightwing

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You even get to fight as Nightwing alongside Batman, which is very cool.

7. There’s the other robin too

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And yes, you get to play as him too. You also get to lock Robin in a cage too, which is pretty fun.

8. Oh yeah and there’s a Red Hood story pack

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You pretty much get the full Robin experience, and there’s no denying that Red Hood is rather cool.

9. You get to save Catwoman from the Riddler

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Riddler has to go to extremes to get Batman to play with him. In Arkham Knight he’s taken Catwoman hostage and put a bomb collar on her. You have to solve the clues together to save Selina.

10. Riddler attacks you in a giant robot

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Which means we might actually get to catch him this time.

11. You get to cremate The Joker

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Right at the start of Arkham Knight you get to cremate the Joker, just so the player knows he’s really dead and won’t be in the game.

12. Except he is…

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Turns out The Joker ejected Batman (and some others) with his blood and now poor Bats is slowly turning into The Joker. This makes for an epic story as The Joker commentates as you try to complete the game.

13. When Batman gets dosed with Scarecrow’s toxin The Joker takes over

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Bruce Wayne’s eyes go green and suddenly your fighting style switches to The Joker. It’s clever and subtle.

14. You have to destroy The Joker from your own mind

In order to stop The Joker causing havoc in Batman’s body you need to destroy him from your mind, which is easier said than done. You play as Joker shooting stone statues of Batman. Very creepy.

15. There’s lots of super villains to lock-up

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Just catch them, chuck them into the Batmobile and drive them to GCPD. There’s even a cool stats board which allows you to see what percentage of criminals you’ve got left.

16. There’s a big bat flying about

No, not Batman! An actual mutated man bat. He’s pretty creepy, but fun to catch.

17. You get to use a deep tissue scanner

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As part of the Perfect Crime mission you need identify the victims using the deep tissue scanner. A cool addition to the detective mode, this is a great mission with a creepy man behind it.

18. Harley Quinn

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Poor heartbroken Harley Quinn wants one of the people contaminated with Joker blood to survive so tries to take on Batman. It was never going to work, but it’s always great seeing Harley in the game as she’s a great character. You even get to play her in one of the story packs.

19. Scarecrow is actually pretty daunting for once

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With so many other villains and storylines it would be easy to forget that Scarecrow is the big, bad of Arkham Knight, but that’s not the case. The man storyline is superb – so superb that once you’re done you’ll just want to start all over again.

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