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7 Celebrities Who You Won’t Believe Supported Brexit – #4 is The Lamest of All!

In the run-up to the Brexit vote, many celebrities voiced their opinions on whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave for good. With 52% voting to leave, those who supported the Brexit campaign will no doubt be very happy with the result. Here are 7 celebrities who supported Brexit.

  1. John Cleese

via Toronto.com
via Toronto.com

John Cleese supported Brexit because he thought the EU had destroyed all traces of democratic accountability and didn’t think there was any chance of a major EU reformation.

2. Donald Trump

via Politico.com
via Politico.com

The presidential hopeful has admitted that if he were living in the UK, he would most likely vote to leave the EU because of concerns over bureaucracy and immigration.

3. Joan Collins

via Mirror.co.uk
via Mirror.co.uk

Joan Collins believes the UK has become too overcrowded and that ‘this tiny island will sink with so many people.’ She therefore supported Brexit because leaving the EU should result in better controls on immigration.

4. Katie Hopkins

via Independent.co.uk
via Independent.co.uk

Katie Hopkins voted to leave because she wanted to put British people first and proudly stands for British people. She also didn’t want to give up her spare bedroom to refugees.

5. Elizabeth Hurley

via Mirror.co.uk
via Mirror.co.uk

One of the reasons why Elizabeth Hurley voted to leave was because she wanted to go back to using decent household appliances, such as high-powered hairdryers, that the EU has systematically outlawed for various reasons.

6. Theo Paphitis

via Marketingweek.com
via Marketingweek.com

The Dragons’ Den star and businessman backed Brexit because his native Cyprus had suffered thanks to being part of the EU. He also said that the UK should negotiate for a much simpler trading deal with Europe.

7. Elaine Paige

via Bbc.co.uk
via Bbc.co.uk

Elaine has said that having a single market is a good idea in practice, but the EU has strayed too far from its original purpose and that it interferes too much in our lives.

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