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8 Irresistible Historic Fashion Trends You Won’t Want to Be Trying Sooner

Fashion is always a tad weird – we’ve all seen the rainbow mermen of the moment – but the fashion suicide of the last few decades is nothing compared to the weird fashion trends of history. Indeed, some of these are so weird that you won’t actually believe they were real.

Deodorant Cones

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Some fashion trends are purely for fashion and looking good. However, for Egyptian noblewoman fashion trends were also about smelling good. In these times things like deodorant hadn’t been invented yet. Can you imagine how stinky it would be in that heat with all those hard-working slaves? Well these noblewoman would walk around scented cones on their head that would freshen up the air beside them.


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These days fashion trends dictate that everyone should be super skinny. But this wasn’t always the case in history. In Elizabethan times it was common place for both men and woman to really pad out their clothes to appear larger. Not exactly size zero!

Hobble Skirts

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Fashion trends are never easy to wear – high heels anyone? But nothing quite comes to the hubble skirts. This is a skirt that was designed to literally slow woman down due to its restrictions. It was popular in the late 20th century.

Massive Wigs

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Of all the historical fashion trends, the wearing of massive wigs looks the most fun. These wigs came into fashion at the time of the French King Louis XIII. Some wigs would even be several feet high! Imagine walking round with one of those on your head.

The Symington Side Lacer

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Poor woman, fashion trends are always dictating how woman should look and the 20’s were no different. At this point it was favoured for woman to look rectangular – no more hour-glass figures! To do this they would use the Symington Side Lacer that, when pulled tight, would hide any curves.


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Most historical fashion trends were first invented for practical purposes but ended up being a sign of wealth and power. This was no different for chopines which were invented by Veneticans who wanted to walk the streets without getting filthy. One chopine was discovered that was actually 20 inches high!

Toxic Make-Up

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Make-up has always been one of the essential fashion trends but it hasn’t always been safe. Back in the day make-up would be full of toxic metals such lead that would cause skin problems (that needed further covering up). It could also kill them.


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Ruffs were perhaps one of the weirdest fashion trends as they had no real reason. Elizabethans just liked them! As with most historical fashion trends people started to try and out do each other so they became bigger and bigger and more ostentatious.

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