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People to Start Burning Their Food Next Year – Find Out Why

No, we won’t all turn into crazy culinary arsonists! We will actually be burning our food because it tastes good! According to Technomic, charred food is making a big comeback and by the end of 2016 we’ll all be tucking into smoked meats, blackened vegetables, and even burnt fruit with desserts!

We already know that pizza tastes better when it has a crispy base, and marshmallows are to die for when they’re coated in fire! But where did this scorching hot trend come from, you ask? Believe it or not, charring our food was all the rage in the 1980s, before grills were a widespread thing. It was quite a skill to singe meat so that parts of it were burnt, but not so much that the meat would become dry. The blackened parts allowed for a sharper, smokier taste and a crispier texture.

Well, Technomic says that next year, contemporary restaurants will be taking this trend one step further by charring a multitude of ingredients. Soon enough roasting all of our food will be a a common method of cooking in our homes. Let’s take a look at some of the food we could be toasting:

How delicious do these charred vegetables look?

Courtesy of tomatotango.com

For those who find that vegetables are too blind, charring them is definitely the way to go. It gives them a crunchy texture and a deep, more flavourful taste!

Scorched and singed is the only way to enjoy the taste of chicken.

Courtesy of blueplanetgreenliving.com

If you’re someone who doesn’t like their chicken too tender, you might want to add a little fire! Just a little tip: top stop the meat becoming too dry, add a little lemon while grilling.

Seared fruit on kebab sticks makes a dessert to remember.

Courtesy of spoonuniversity.com

Barbecues aren’t just for meat anymore! By summer 2016, everyone will be grilling their fruit! You might already know that pineapple and lemons are commonly charred, but you’d ever believe that apples, bananas and watermelon can be grilled too!

Burnt croissants? Don’t mind if we do!

Courtesy of nrn.com

There’s something about the crunch of a blackened pastry that tingles the tastebuds in a way nothing else could. Next time you’re baking, try leaving the bread in a little longer than you’re supposed to! We won’t tell ;).

Even our cocktails will be decorated with smoked oranges and strawberries!

Courtesy of pinterest.com

Not only that, but we’ll also be sipping on cocktails featuring smoked salt, smoky syrups and smoked ice!


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