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9 Fashion Trends We Need to Bring Back from the Past Before They Go Extinct!

Plenty of fashion has been brought back into the modern era, but here are nine items that we think need to be brought back into the limelight asap!

1. From the 20s: The Cloche Hat

The cloche hat was all-the-rage in the roaring twenties, originally invented by Caroline Reboux in 1908. The name ‘cloche’ is actually French for ‘bell’ which explains why the hat takes a bell-shaped form when it sits on the head. It was worn primarily by women with short hair and often paired with a sequin fringe dress.

The hat made a brief comeback in 2010, when celebrities such as Victoria Beckham were spotted wearing it. However, it hasn’t caught on in mainstream society yet, which is a shame since it would be a God-send for bad hair days!

Courtesy of wikipedia.com

2. From the 30s: Tall Pants

Believe it or not, there once was a time when men wore trousers that didn’t fall below their behinds! In the thirties, high-waisted slacks were the biggest fad in male fashion. The pants were often checkered or striped, and they were usually wide-fitting with a crease going down the centre. They were deemed as casual wear, but would be considered formal wear in this day and age.

For some reason, Simon Cowell seems to be the only man in the public eye taking 1930s fashion seriously. Come on, guys! Pull your pants up for once!

Courtesy of mirror.co.uk

3. From the 40s: Military Dress

We see a lot of soldiery clothing around these days; combat boots, army jackets etc – but the military dress really doesn’t get the attention it deserves! Not only does it represent a important time in history, but it looks flattering and stylish on all body types and is ideal for smart-casual wear.

Courtesy of vintagehandbook.wordpress.com

If Princess Kate Middleton can rock 40s fashion, so can you!

Courtesy of dhgate.com

4. From the 50s: The Parasol

Fifties Rockabilly clothing is everywhere, but one thing that hasn’t caught on from the fabulous decade is the umbrella’s arch nemesis, the parasol. In addition to the fact it protected you against sun damage, it also complemented a floral dress better than a handbag ever could!

Courtesy of missdeestyle.com

One famous face that knows how to keep it cool is actress and fashion icon Ashley Olsen. If we all take a tip from her next summer, and hopefully, soon enough, the streets will be covered in mini parasols of every colour!

Courtesy of popsugar.com

5. From the 60s: Beatnik Style

Forget hipsters! Beatniks were the original “anti-trends” that, sadly, seemed to have disappeared into the abyss. The style consisted of turtlenecks, black berets, and, for the men, devilish facial hair. Beatniks would often carry around accessories that made them look ‘artsy’ such as bongo drums or a poetry book.

Courtesy of whenintime.com

Alicia Keys is doing it right, with her modernized take on beatnik fashion. Who doesn’t want a beret now?

Courtesy of zimbio.com

6. From the 70s: Go-Go Boots

Admit it! You thought we were going to go with flares, didn’t you? Nope. Instead we think the white Go-go boots need to get back in our shoe stores! Technically, this tend started in the sixties but it was carried on far in to the next decade due to the fact they were so popular! People tend to opt for darker boots these days, so its getting increasingly difficult to find a decent crisp white pair.

Courtesy of blogspot.com

One celebrity that has took on the Go-go challenge is pop princess Ariana Grande. Although these heels are a little higher than the originals, they still have the same head-turning effect!

Courtesy of paperblog.com

7. From the 80s: Cavaricci Pants

These Italian-style pants designed by Jim Cavaricci were a big hit in the eighties. The pants were mostly pleated with a high waist, and they were baggy over the thighs but then tapered towards the bottom to give a distinctive silhouette.

Courtesy of photobucket.com

Several celebrities have been spotted spotted with their own take on this unique look, but we think the original Cavaricci pants should make it into all high street stores!

Courtesy of wordpress.com

8. From the 90s: Over-the-Top Printed Windbreaker

The early 90s were all about bright colours and neon. If you didn’t have at least four colours on your outfit, you just weren’t cool – simple as that! Windbreaker jackets were the most sought after item of clothing, and if you have a trippy print on it, you were the King or Queen of your social group!

Courtesy of shopify.com

R’n’B singer Ciara attempted to bring this style when she was seen sporting a Givenchy men’s bomber jacket with an abstract print. How awesome does she look? Fashion designers, take note.

Courtesy of yournextshoes.com

9. From the 00s: Peasant Top

The ‘noughties’ may only seem like yesterday, but it is actually 15 years since we entered the millenium. A lot has changed in fashion since that time, and we’ve let go of some awesome trends. One of those, is the peasant top – why it went out of fashion, we’ll never know! It’s the perfect summer tee – light, flowy and flattering.

Courtesy of heeyfashion.com

At least Taylor Swift knows what we’re talking a bout!


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