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Shia LaBeouf Has Has Lived Quite A Festive Life

Though Shia LaBeouf’s known for appearing in a number of hit films, including the first three Transformers movies, FuryNymphomaniac and Disturbia, he’s also known for his public art performances. Over the years he’s done quite a few things in the name of art that people think are downright crazy. There’s probably a deep message behind all of his crazy acts, but most people just haven’t got a clue what it is. Here are 8 of the most bizarre things Shia LaBeouf has done.

The Nymphomaniac premier

via Zap2it.com
via Zap2it.com

During the Berlin Film Festival, Shia turned up to the premier of Nymphomaniac with a paper bag over his head that said ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE’.

The Nymphomaniac press conference

via Lazyboys.info
via Lazyboys.info

For the press conference for Nymphomaniac, Shia turned up wearing casual, baggy clothes and when he was asked his first question, he simply said ‘when the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much,’ then he upped it and left the press conference, leaving everyone perplexed.

His Nymphomaniac audition

via Entertheblackspider.tumblr.com
via Entertheblackspider.tumblr.com

Going back to Nymphomaniac again, Shia took photos of his private parts and recorded himself and his girlfriend having sex – he sent these to the film’s director and got the part!

Preparation for his role in Fury

via Theentertainmentjunkie.com
via Theentertainmentjunkie.com

To prepare for his role as a US army private in WWII action movie Fury, Shia reportedly pulled out his own teeth and stopped showering for several weeks. He even got put up in a separate hotel because the cast and crew couldn’t stand his smell.

The #IAmSorry exhibit

via Metamodernism.com
via Metamodernism.com

To try to make amends for his bizarre behaviour, Shia held an exhibition entitled #IAmSorry at an art gallery in downtown LA. Visitors to this exhibition saw Shia sitting at a table wearing his ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE’ paper bag while dressed in a tuxedo. Some people even took the paper bag off his head to make sure it was really him and found that he appeared to be crying.

The homeless man chase

via Azcentral.com
via Azcentral.com

Shia once chased a homeless man up and down the sidewalks of Manhattan. Apparently the homeless man had stolen Shia’s hat and Shia kept yelling things like ‘don’t worry, it’s me Shia!’ to him.

The #metamarathon

via Aceshowbiz.com
via Aceshowbiz.com

Shia ran around the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam 144 times as part of his #metamarathon art project dressed in DayGlo spandex. His #metamarathon took place while the museum held a 12-hour arts conference.

The silent interview

via Gossipcop.com
via Gossipcop.com

Dazed magazine did a story on Shia and as part of it, he took part in an hour-long silent interview. Both he and the interviewer sat in silence for an hour, each wearing GoPros to capture the other’s facial expressions.

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