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12 Body Language Indicators That Uncover the Truth About These Famous Faces! — #8 What Is Beyonce Telling Us?

Celebrities are constantly put under the spotlight, whether they’re being photographed by paparazzi or interviewed on national television. In the case of the latter, they are sometimes asked questions they’d rather avoid, which forces them to lie or at least disguise their anxiety with their body language. But they can’t fool us! We have the secret to these stars’ quirks and foibles, and we’re going to reveal them to you, from head to toe!

Playing with hair

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Kristen Stewart is often caught running her hands through her hair in various interviews and public appearances. The meaning? Well, it could mean two things. Either she is flirting with her interviewer or she is frustrated and anxious. I’d put money on the latter in K-Stew’s case.

Shifty eyes

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If you see a celebrity looking left to right during an interview, you may want to re-evaluate what they’re saying. Shifty eyes in body language signify that a person is lying or unsure of themselves. Would Justin Timberlake really deceive us?

Tugging the ear

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via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Next time you watch Liam Hemsworth being interview, see if you can notice him tugging on his earlobes. This bizarre habit is actually a way of comforting oneself when put in an uncomfortable situation, so maybe Liam isn’t as confident as he appears.

Sticking the tongue out

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Miley Cyrus’s tongue has been the focal point of her image over the past few years, but she’s not just doing it for the cameras. Sticking out the tongue when you’re expected to smile means that you’re making the effort to rebel against conventional standards, not just in photos but in all aspects of your life. Sounds about right!

Scratching the back of your neck

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Rubbing the back of the neck signifies doubt or disbelief, so if someone does this in you’re company it means they don’t trust what you’re saying. When Lindsay Lohan was congratulated about the release of her upcoming movie in this interview, she was actually telling us she was unsure of how successful it was going to be. (FYI: She was right to be hesitant).

Clenched fists

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Miss Spears may be smiling, but her pose and posture tells a different story. Her tense shoulders and clenched fists signify defensiveness, which shows that Britney isn’t that comfortable being in the spotlight.

Open palms

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Holding the hands up with the palms facing the listener indicates openness and honesty. However, this is also a gesture that is easily faked, which means that Obama is either telling the truth, or he’s telling us he doesn’t have the answers but he like us to trust him anyway. Hmm… We’ll leave that one open to debate.

Hands on hips

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Placing the hands on the hips can either mean that you’re cross with someone, or that you’re ready for action. Either way, it displays confidence and gives you a big physical presence. Luckily, Beyonce knows how to dominate the room by using this gesture in front of the paparazzi.

Arms folded

via via skinnyvscurvy.com
via via skinnyvscurvy.com

Unlike Beyonce, Nicki Minaj chooses the more protective pose in the form of crossed arms. This action is known as one of the worst forms of body language as it makes you appear defensive and unapproachable. However, in Nicki’s case she may be using this gesture to appear more edgy and give her an attitude.

Hand in pocket

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Ryan Gosling may look cool and collected, but in actual fact, placing his hands in his pockets signifies that he is not all as comfortable with his image as he may first appear.


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Over-the-top public displays of affection are one of the key mistakes celebrities make. While they want to show the world that their relationship is solid, sometimes it can look like they’re trying too hard and are actually overcompensating for what their relationship lacks. In this photograph of Kim and Kanye, their kiss looks forced for the cameras and lacks any real passion.

Eye contact

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On the other side of the spectrum, Brad and Angelina are showing that they are genuinely very fond of each other due to their prolonged eye contact. Eye contact is the key to forming a bond with anyone, whether it be an employer, friend or partner, but on the other hand, too much of it can come across as intimidating.


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