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15 Twitch Streamers to Follow This Year

If you enjoy playing video games then the next logical step is to watch other people playing video games too. Especially when these streamers can guide you and advise you through your favourite games.

Want advice on which Twitch streamers to follow? There 15 are a good start:

1. nl_Kripp

twitch streamers to follow
via Twitter.com

Plays: Hearthstone – usually arena

Why follow: He’s REALLY good at explaining why he is making a move. So if you’re wanting to improve your card skills then he’s a great teacher.

2. uKnighted

twitch streamers to follow
via Oceanofgames.com

Plays: Metal Gear Solid games

Why follow: This is a stream that is shared by three players. They all play Metal Gear Solid runs – usually on Big Boss level. Some streams can last from 40-50 hours.

3. TrumpSC

twitch streamers to follow
via Twitter.com

Plays: Hearthstone

Why follow: Not only is TrumpSC a professional gamer signed to Hearthstone, well he’s also very, very good. He will tell you exactly why he is making every single choice he makes.

3. KittyPlaysGames

twitch streamers to follow kittplaysgames
via Youtube.com

Plays: Counterstrike: Global Offensive

Why follow: She has great banter with the people who watch her streams and is really rather nice. She also tends to lose it when receiving large donations – we’d ball our eyes out too if we got given $7000 for playing a video game.

5. Walshy

twitch streamers to follow walshy
via Youtube.com

Plays: Halo

Why follow: Walshy used to be a professional gamer at Halo but retired in 2012. He is still considered the greatest Halo player ever.

6. Maximusblack

twitch streamers to follow
via Youtube.com

Plays: League of Legends and World of Warcraft

Why follow: Maximusblack is known for dressing up and singing during his Twitch streams, which is just as entertaining as watching the games.

7. ItsHafu

twitch streamers to follow itshafu
via Gamebreaker.tv

Plays: League of Legends and Hearthstone

Why follow: Itshafu is one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. She likes to champion female gamers and is very good at what she does.

8. Lethalfrag

twitch streamers to follow lethalfrag
via Youtube.com

Plays: Faster than Light and Pinball (an actual pinball machine)

Why follow: Well his beard is enough really, but lethalfrag also restores and shows off pinball machines which can be a nice change to see.

9. Towelliee

twitch streamers to follow
via Reddit.com

Plays: World of Warcraft and lots else.

Why follow: He’s a lovely laid-back guy who does lots of giveaways on his streams. He will also happily play with his followers.

10. Syndicate

twitch streamers to follow
via Gameinformer.com

Plays: GTA V and some Call of Duty

Why follow: He’s one of the most followed streamers on Twitch and is known for his funny stunts both in and out of games.

11. Ms_Vixen

twitch streamers to follow ms_vixen
via Youtube.com

Plays: Call of Duty

Why follow: Ms_Vixen was ranked number 1 in the world for Call of Duty free-for-all from 2008-2009. Which is just insanely amazing. Watch for Call of Duty and her charity runs.

12. SeriousGaming

twitch streamers to follow
via Bigdeepz.com

Plays: Most new releases or popular games

Why follow: This is one of the only popular husband and wife streamers. They usually have a camera on each of them even if only one is playing.

13. Bacon_Donut

twitch streamers to follow
via Youtube.com

Plays: Minecraft

Why follow: He makes really interesting builds on Minecraft and will collaborate with his followers on new things to build.

14. Sing_Sing

twitch streamers to follow
via Youtube.com

Plays: DotA 2

Why follow: He’s a professional DotA 2 streamer and often comes up with interesting and unique plays that other DotA streamers haven’t.

15. DansGaming

twitch streamers to follow
via Twitchfans.wordpress.com

Plays: Whatever game is popular at the moment

Why follow: DansGaming is popular as he more than happy to make fun of himself, which can be refreshing from those who take them self too seriously. He also does an occasional dance.

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