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8 Harry Potter Theories That Are Pretty Crazy But You Might End Up Believing Them!

Everyone who has read the books has a Harry Potter theory. Whether it be about Dumbledore still being alive or Harry Potter being immortal – there are some pretty crazy fan theories out there.

Here are 8 of our favourite Harry Potter fan theories:

1. Ron Weasley is a time-travelling Dumbledore

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This far-fetched Harry Potter theory – known as the Knight2King theory – is nice to believe but lacks any proof. Relying on the fact that both Dumbledore and Ron (or Ronbledore) are ginger, like sweets and both have long noses.

The theory came about after Ron, during the chess match in Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s Stone stone played both the Knight and the King, which were symbolic of the roles of Dumbledore and Ron.

2. Dumbledore is Death

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This is a relatively new Harry Potter theory involving the story of the three brothers. In this theory there are parallels drawn between the three brothers in the story and the characters of Harry, Snape and Voldemort. Which does make some sense.

Harry is the third brother who greets death like an old friend, Snape is the second brother who only wants to be reunited with his lost love and Voldemort is the first brother who wants to conquer death. Sounds about right doesn’t it?

Well what about Death? Well that’s Dumbledore as he was the only person to possess all the hallows before Harry.

3. Draco Malfoy was a werewolf

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Now this definitely sounds like a crazy Harry Potter theory, but let’s stick with it – it might make total sense! Well, apparently, after Voldemort’s return to power the Malfoy family were to be punished. Now how could the Dark Lord suitably punish them? Well it was popular during those dark times to use a werewolf to bite the child of families to be punished – just like Remus Lupin.

What if Draco Malfoy’s illness in The Half Blood Prince wasn’t just stress from the thought of killing Dumbledore but also due to a furry little problem?

4. Sirius and Harry might be related by blood

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It’s no secret that the Black family had to marry into a lot of pureblood families in order to keep their blood status. Which is what makes the Harry Potter theory that the Potters and the Blacks could be related.

We never really find out who Mr and Mrs Potter are, but clever Harry Potter fans think think they’ve worked out the mystery.┬áDorea Black married a Charlus Potter and had one child (all of which earned her a blasting off the Black family tree), fans believe that the child they had could have been Harry’s father James. Thus Harry would be related to Sirius and many other wizarding families.

5. Ginny gave Harry a love potion

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A Harry Potter theory which isn’t going to please fans of Ginny Weasley is the idea that Harry might be the victim of a love potion. It was pretty weird how Harry just suddenly fell for our favourite ginger witch. Almost instantly really.

Throw in the fact that her own brothers sell pretty powerful love potions and this theory is starting to seem like the truth. Poor Harry.

6. The Dursleys were so terrible because of Harry

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We all hated the Dursley family – they were so horrid to our Harry Potter. But as one Harry Potter theory suggests, what if their meanness was Harry’s fault all along?

We now know that Harry was an unintentional horcrux and we all saw how the horcrux locket affected Ron, Harry and Hermione. Just imagine having to live with a horcrux for 17 years! No wonder they were so horrid.

7. Dumbledore hired Gilderoy Lockhart as a laugh

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The idea of Dumbledore hiring Gilderoy Lockhart as a complete joke isn’t really a surprising Harry Potter theory. We could totally see Dumbledore doing that!

It’s likely that Dumbledore knew Gilderoy to be the big fraud that he was and simply wanted the new teacher to make a mistake and reveal himself.

8. Crookshanks wasn’t entirely a moggy

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Crookshanks was indeed a half-kneazle – a Harry Potter theory that has been confirmed by Rowling herself. Which explains a lot about Crookshank’s behaviour, he was never just a normal moggy after-all.

A kneazle is a magical feline who are highly intelligent and capable of breeding with a normal cat. Crookshanks was definitely very clever – he knew Scabbers was a big old fraud for one. But he also displayed aspects of a normal cat as he loved chasing gnomes, being petted and having lots of naps.

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