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Friends’ Fans Get Ready – You Can Visit Monica’s Flat from Friends in London This September!

Anyone who’s watched Friends has, at one point or other, wanted to visit Monica’s fabulous flat. This flat was the epicentre of everything that happened in this show – whether it be fights, proposals or just everyone meeting up for a chat. Monica from Friend’s flat was our dream home.

monica from friends
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Which is why we’re very excited that the flat is coming to London this September. Yes, you and your friends can visit Monica’s abode as part of Comedy Central’s Friends Fest from 16-20 September at The Boiler House, Brick Lane. There will also be a Central Perk cafe and hairdressers offering the famous Rachel hair. We cannot wait!

friends fest london
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But all this chat of visiting Monica’s flat got us thinking, which other places from our favourite sitcoms would be amazing to visit?

1. Barney’s apartment from How I Met Your Mother

friends fest london
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There is no denying it. Barney Stinson’s apartment is legen – wait for it -dary. There is lots of geeky memorabilia from films and television, including a full-scale Stormtrooper, but is still minimalistic enough for any bachelor to be proud of. Not to mention the fact the entire apartment is coloured in a very manly grey-scale – there’s certainly no girly bright colours or feature walls in this flat.

friends fest london
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But the main reason we want in Barney’s apartment is due to all the tricks and secrets that it contains. There’s even a giant Barney hologram. This place is like Hogwarts and we’d love to explore it.

2. Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment in The Big Bang Theory

friends fest london
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You may need a roommate agreement in order to stay there, but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t nip round for some Thai food every once in awhile. Okay, so Sheldon would never allow strangers into his apartment but we can dream.

For any geek, this home is an absolute treasure trove. There are comics everywhere, retro video consoles and more memorabilia than a comic book store. And who wouldn’t want to steal a cookie from the Batman cookie jar?

3. The Banana Stand from Arrested Development

friends fest london
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There are a lots of places we’d love to visit from Arrested Development, but none more so than the Banana Stand. Especially if we could stand and chat to George Michael and Maeby and purchase a few bananas.

Perhaps there would even be a magic show from Gob to see! And remember, there is always money in the banana stand.

friends fest london
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4. Sacred Heart Hospital from Scrubs

friends fest london
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No one wants to go to a hospital, but if we had to go to a hospital we’d want it to be Sacred Heart Hospital from Scrubs. Especially if we got to meet Dr. Cox.

Between J.D. and Turk all our ailments in a jiffy and, most likely, with a song, dance and wonderful life lesson.

Although if we want a proper diagnosis it might be wiser to visit the set of E.R.

friends fest london
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5. The Malibu Beach House from Two and a Half Men

friends fest london
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Two and a Half Men centered around one thing and one thing only – the Malibu Beach House that everyone wanted to live in. And no wonder, with it’s massive rooms and being right on the beach who wouldn’t want to live there?

Perhaps we wouldn’t want Alan as a lodger, but we’d very happily be roommates with the hilarious Ashton Kutcher.

Now the shows ended that poor house must be very lonely, it would be rude to leave it empty!

via Tumblr.com
via Tumblr.com

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