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From Movies to Real Life, 19 Times Daniel Radcliffe Was Perfect

He played our favourite childhood hero Harry Potter, but that’s not the only time Daniel Radcliffe was perfect. This adorable British actor is constantly making us smile with his cute and funny antics.

Indeed, here are 19 of our favourite Daniel Radcliffe moments:

1. When Daniel Radcliffe surprised two Harry Potter fans

daniel radcliffe perfect fans
via Reddit.com

Just. Look. At. Their. Faces!

2. When Daniel Radcliffe was both punk and a tea lover

daniel radcliffe perfect drinking tea
via Tumblr.com

Because when you’re looking for your perfect man, you want the right mix of rebel and tea appreciation

3. When he went to Comic Con disguised at Spider-man

daniel radcliffe perfect spider man
via Mtv.com

A cosplayer in a generic Spider-man costume usually gets no attention at Comic Con. Well played Daniel Radcliffe, well played.

4. When Rupert Grint was a great play fighter and…

daniel radcliffe perfect rupert grint
via Tumblr.com

Daniel Radcliffe was like “I’m the good Harry Potter not Rocky!”

5. When we found out that he likes cartoons as much as us

daniel radcliffe perfect cartoons
via Tumblr.com

We love Fairly Odd Parents too!

6. When he returned the crowd love

daniel radcliffe perfect crowd love
via Tumblr.com

But was open about his relationship status.

7. When he performed karaoke with his girlfriend

Yes, that’s right. Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend rapping to Eminem. Pure perfect Daniel Radcliffe.

8. Daniel Radcliffe taking his quidditch seriously

daniel radcliffe perfect quidditch
via Tumblr.com

Oh dear.

9. When he got stuck in a bra during filming

Daniel radcliffe perfect bra
via Warner Bros

It’s okay, Daniel. Being a girl is hard.

10. When he tried out some really bad chat-up lines

daniel radcliffe perfect chat up line
via Tumblr.com

And because it was so bad, it was actually perfect.

11. When he declared himself a feminist

daniel radcliffe perfect feminist
via Buzzfeed.com

12. When he acted out pincers

daniel radcliffe perfect pincers
via Tumblr.com

And looked adorable doing it.

13. When he explained his own viral meme

daniel radcliffe perfect meme

daniel radcliffe perfect meme
via Reddit.com

And thanked the person who made it.

14. When he tried to convince us that his dog ate his homework

daniel radcliffe perfect excuse
via Tumblr.com

And we still don’t really believe him.

15. When he called-out Elijah Wood for a fight

daniel radcliffe perfect fight
via Twitter.com

This would be a very, very polite fight and we’d love to see it.

16. When he told Mary Berry what his hair was made of

daniel radcliffe perfect mary berry
via Tumblr.com

And she looked a little disgusted. Yet she couldn’t stop touching it.

17. When he put Kanye West in Slytherin

daniel radcliffe perfect kanye west
via Tumblr.com

Well he had to, didn’t he? Kanye isn’t no Griffindor.

18. When he blackmailed Tom Felton

daniel radcliffe perfect tom felton

via Imgur.com

Even as a blackmailer, little Daniel Radcliffe is adorable. We wonder if he still has those Polaroids.

19. When we saw that picture of Daniel Radcliffe with lots of dogs and didn’t realise it was for a film

daniel radcliffe perfect dog walking
via Eonline.com

We just thought that Daniel was being his quirky, perfect self.

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