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Would University Degrees Worth Anything in 2020?

Many decades ago, university used to be reserved for the most academic, intellectual and ambitious people. These days, however, it seems that universities in general have become a lot more open with regards to who gets admitted. This thing received momentum in 2019 but would a university or college degree worth it in 2020? Things going to change a lot for college and university students in 2020. This essay tells a lot about the fate of education in 2020.

In other words, university isn’t any longer just for the clever. It’s recently been reported that just over half of youngsters end up going to university. The number of people being admitted onto higher education courses is increasing, despite the huge rise in costs that were introduced several years ago. With so many people going to university and the experience costing £9,250 in tuition per year alone at most places, is it really worth it?

Yes – university is always worth it

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The fact that people are still going to university despite the increasing costs shows that the university experience is still desired by many. While it’s really all about the education, going to university is a wonderful opportunity to broaden your horizons, meet new people, learn new things and discover more about yourself. Even those who live at home while at university still relish the chance to step outside their comfort zone and gain more real-world experience. Degrees can set you up for a career, though admittedly not all of them lead right into a job. Still, the overall experience is enjoyable, rewarding and enriching for many, even if they don’t walk into a job rigt after graduation. People make friends for life, learn new skills and discover new interests. Many university students learn things both on their course and outside the lecture room that stay with them for the rest of their lives.

No – you don’t need a degree to get ahead in life

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While some degrees such as medicine and science-oriented ones have a high chance of securing you a job after university, if you don’t have such a degree your prospects aren’t as good. Many people end up in jobs that have nothing to do with their degree. Many people end up spending months unemployed simply because there’s too much competition, i.e. too many people with degrees chasing the same jobs. Degrees lose their value when loads of other people have one. Then there’s the cost. Lots of students in the UK today will be saddled with debt worth at least £50,000 by the time they graduate according to recent estimates. Is it really worth paying so much for three or four years (or longer) of university life? You can easily forgo university and do things like getting a job, volunteering or doing an apprenticeship of some kind. You may not have a degree to back you up, but you’ll have more time on your hands to work and gain valuable experience. Those who don’t go to university may well seem more employable because they’ve spent their time building up experience and developing skills. Why incur so much debt when you can avoid it and earn money instead?


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Going to university certainly does have its advantages, though it can be extremely expensive and the value of a degree isn’t necessarily that great when so many people have one. Still, the whole university experience can set you up for life, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. That being said, going to university isn’t the only option and there are conutless people who didn’t go and still managed to become very successful in their respective fields. Going to university is only really worth it if you make the most of your time there and take advantage of all the opportunities that come your way. If you’ve been productive and got lots done both inside and outside the lecture room, your degree will definitely be worth something.

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