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People Eat Weird Stuff – 20 of the Weirdest Crisp Flavours

There’s nothing better than an afternoon snack of cheese and onion crisps. Scoffing them down before licking all that yummy flavouring off your fingers, what could be better?

Well if you live in another country, the idea of our cheese and onion crisps is actually pretty gross. How could you possibly not love cheese and onion! Especially when you know about all those crazy flavours of crisps you can get across the world. What do you think, would you give up cheese and onion for one of these weirdest crisp flavours?

1. Mint Mischief

via Eatingtheworld.wordpress.com

We’re not sure what’s worse here: the fact that you get mint crisps or the fact that they’re mischievous crisps. What qualities makes a crisp naughty? Wait, we don’t want to know. We’ll pass on these, thanks.

2. Hot and Sour Fish Soup

via Techeblog.com

There’s something about fish flavoured crisps that sounds very, very wrong. Even the poor woman on the packet looks unsure – and why does she have chopsticks? We’ll keep our fish in our soup and out of the crisps.

3. Hedgehog Crisps

via Theverybesttop10.com

These crisps started out as a joke in the 1980’s as they were actually flavoured with pork fat. Unfortunately the company behind the crisps were taken to court for false advertising soon after. Unperturbed the company decided to question some local travelers (who often ate baked hedgehog) about the flavour of hedgehogs so they could replicate that flavour in their crisps. Err… yummy?

4. Tomato Ketchup Crisps

via Bbcamerica.com

Ask anyone outside Britain about tomato ketchup crisps and they’ll think you’re stark, raving mad. Ketchup flavoured crisps?! Us Brits all love them though.

5. Garlic Butter Scallop Crisps

via Viralnova.com

Again with the fishy crisps – boak! These crisps sound like you’ve taken a Jamie Oliver starter and stuck it in a packet of crisps. We’re very skeptical about these.

6. Pepsi Cheetos

via Bitterwallet.com

Yes, that’s right, Pepsi flavoured Cheetos. The Japanese might like their weird flavours but this one takes the biscuit. Don’t get us wrong, we’d try it out of curiosity but you won’t get us on Amazon trying to import these over.

7. White Chocolate Peppermint Crisps

via Junkfoodguy.com

Pringles, if you want to go for a Christmas inspired flavour of crisps go for something like turkey or even Brussels sprouts. Actually Brussels sprout flavoured crisps sounds rather tasty. Unlike these scary white chocolate peppermint ones. Eek.

8. Milk Chocolate Dipped Crisps

via Bloomberg.com

Another sweet and savoury crisp mix-up. These chocolate dipped crisps don’t sound quite as scary as the peppermint ones, although it well depend on what flavour the crisps are. Ready salted yes, cheese and onion less so.

9. Ranch Raccoon

via Foodstufffinds.com

Yes, you read right, Ranch Raccoon. These crisps are meant to be a taste of hillbilly America with their famous sour cream and garlic dressing mixed with err… raccoon. Well that’s just plain weird.

10. Cappuccino Crisps

via Metro.co.uk

Hmmm, cappuccino crisps? This is the kind of flavour that makes you question the sanity of the human race. You have your coffee in your cup not in your packet of crisps! Very bizarre.

11. Cajun Squirrel

via Huffingtonpost.com

Another weird animal flavoured crisp. Hopefully we won’t be getting canary and bacon or hoisin hyena in the near future. No squirrel crisps thanks!

12. Kebab and Onion Crisps

via Ezakupy.tesco.pl

Generally the only time we want a kebab is at 3am when we’ve stumbled out of a club a bit sozzled. Perhaps someone could sell these in taxi queues on a Friday night and make a fortune.

13. Creamy Garlic Caesar Crisps

via Boredpanda.com

If you want salad, you’ll eat salad. The idea of salad flavoured crisps sounds just downright weird. Perhaps if you sprinkle them over your lettuce it will taste like an authentic salad.

14. Haggis and Black Pepper

via Bbcamerica.com

If you’re not from Scotland then the idea of haggis crisps might be a little peculiar/downright disgusting. Especially when you think haggis is made of all those offal bits of the sheep and then put in sheep stomach lining. Yummy.

15. Butter and Mint Crisps

via Foodstufffinds.com

Butter and mint?! Now that really sounds weird. Butter crisps maybe, mint crisps less so but both flavours together sounds downright weird.

16. Firecracker Lobster

via Britishcornershop.com

These will either make you feel all posh for eating lobster or you’ll find yourself with a fishy aftertaste. We’ll have to try them and see.

17. Oyster and Vinegar

via Kentcrisps.co.uk

More seafood! We’re very dubious about oyster mixed with crisps. Then again we’re very dubious about oysters in general.

18.  Beetroot Soup Crisps

via Boredpanda.com

Beetroot soup sounds very odd, never mind the idea of beetroot soup flavoured crisps. Do you think these crisps will be pink?

19. Maple Bacon Crisps

via Popsugar.com

The idea of maple and bacon sounds very weird but is actually rather tasty when you try it – especially with pancakes. Perhaps not in your packet of crisps though…

20. Blueberry Crisps

via Factholics.com

Blueberry flavoured crisps? Just no.

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