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Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume And Other Most Awful Halloween Costumes Collection

With Halloween fast approaching the online Halloween shops have started revealing this year’s awful Halloween costumes. A few of which have caused some/a lot of controversy. None more so than the first on our list:

1. Caitlyn Jenner costume

awful halloween costumes
via Anytimecostumes.com

This unisex adult costume is set to be the most controversial Halloween costume of 2015 – it caused a social media backlash as soon as it was uploaded. But is it the most awful Halloween costume on the market? There are plenty of terrible other terrible costumes out there – make sure you avoid them all.

2. The Lion Killer costume

awful halloween costumes
via Costumeish.com

As far as controversial and awful Halloween costumes go, the Lion Killer Dentist must easily make the top 5. The killing of Cecil ruined the killer’s life and career – but at least he’ll be remembered through this distasteful costume.

3. The Zombie Hotdog costume

awful halloween costumes
via Thefancydressball.com

It’s a bit pointless, isn’t it? Why would a hot dog ever become a zombie? Sure the world loves zombies due to The Walking Dead, but this is definitely a costume too far.

4. Cheeseburger head

awful halloween costumes
via Alwaysfits.com

This awful Halloween costume makes the list due to its weirdness. What exactly is the point in a cheeseburger for a head? Who knows… You can definitely do better.

5. A “Big Foot” costume

awful halloween costumes
via Allthehits.com

Okay, so we get where they were going with costume. It’s a big foot not a Big Foot… Pretty poor punning and no one, we repeat no one, wants to have hairy toes on their Halloween costume.

6.The Hashtag

awful halloween costumes
via Halloweencostumes.com

Some awful Halloween costumes are controversial, this one is just naff. If you’re an avid tweeter then this costume might appeal to you. You’re more likely to end up on Twitter under the hashtag of #rubbishcostumes.

7. The Toilet costume

awful halloween costumes
via Safra.sg

Please do not ever dress your child up as a toilet. This awful Halloween costume will haunt your poor, damaged child for years.

9. Mama and Her Baby costume

awful halloween costumes
via Buycostumes.com

Well this one is just plain creepy. If this guy turned up to your party you’d turn hum away for fear of scaring off all your own guests.

10. This Finding Nemo costume

awful halloween costume
Via Examiner.com

No, really. This IS meant to be Nemo from Finding Nemo. Hmm.

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