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12 Pictures That Will Make All Make Up Lovers Die Inside – #5 is Flat Misery!

via newyorknewsgio.com

If you are a self confessed make up lover, then these pictures will be sure to send shivers down your spine! We’ve all seen the perfectly arranged make up organisers, filled with the latest MAC lipsticks and Chanel foundations, with sparkling clean make up brushes, but here we have the other side of make up, with photos that will make you die inside… can you make it to number 12?


via newyorknewsgio.com
via newyorknewsgio.com

This is some sort of evil pay back from someone that has got on the wrong side of this make up lover, and has thrown an entire collection into the toilet! Whoever did this should be expecting some bad karma!


This is a very sad RIP to an Estee Lauder beauty, these foundations are not cheap so we wouldn’t be shocked if there was another shot of someone scooping it up!


All it takes is one jump or sneeze and this beautiful pink sparkly eyeshadow has gone flying! It actually looks like a fairy or a unicorn has come in with the flu!





RIP to this once very beautiful eye shadow palette that has moved on to a worse place! There is not one powder that has survived here.



There will be no concealing for poor girl who owned this MAC concealer. This had to be a bad day as there is nothing to salvage from this!


There will be no gorgeous highlighting here as it has all shattered across the floor! Not even a Pinterest style tutorial to fix compacts will help here!


Once again we have a MAC fatality, which might just be the worst! This poor owner has not only lost their foundation but an investment too! Why are the bottles glass!!


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This is a depressing sight! This is a cracked, melting mess that has no chance of making a pink blush come back!



We’re not even sure what happened here but we agree with the caption, we think you might need a new mascara too! The sight of mascara everywhere is soul diminishing and we just hope for her sake it was not waterproof!


Not just one sad sight, but four all in one picture! The broken shelf that caused so much loss of beautifully pigmented powder!


This has to be the all time worst, when you are really excited about ordering new cosmetics online before they sell out and they arrive after having taken a beating in the post!



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