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Reporter Doesn’t Know What Lies Ahead As He Saves Drowning Driver In This Dramatic Video!

Sometimes the hero isn’t on your screen in the cinema but on your screen on the TV as they are often just normal people doing extraordinary things. In a video released just a few days ago online, a local reporter in Houston has only gone and rescued a man from drowning in a local flood.

As you can see, unfortunately, the old man who looks suspiciously like Bernie Sanders has only gone and driven through the huge flooded underpass thinking it wasn’t actually that deep. Only to find it’s a whole lot deeper than he thought.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

The poor man even tries reversing whilst his car sinking, hoping his wheels will work as mini water fans and project him backwards.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

It takes a full 43 seconds of his car continuously thinking before the man in the car actually thinks to open his door and get out.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

It does then quite sad as the man gets out of the car and proceeds to attempt to swim to land.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

The reporter can’t watch him struggle anymore however and proceeds to wade into the water and help the poor man.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

However, whilst watching the man’s car sink away, the reporter continues his job and attempts to interview the man who’s nearly just drowned and now going to have a real problem explaining this to his insurance company.

via youtube.com
via youtube.com

Despite how in the end this story and video is quite sad, some parts of the video can’t help but make you chuckle a little bit. Clearly the old man had no idea just how deep the water is and now has to mistakenly watch his car sink deeper and deeper as the interviewer attempts to continue his job and interview the poor man.

What do you think of the video? Do you think it’s funny, sad or do you even maybe think the title’s a little wrong as the interviewer only really helped when the old man was in much shallower water?


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