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9 Things You Should Definitely Do On A Perfect Summer’s Day

Summer may be over, but next year’s summer 2020 will be here before we know it – hopefully! As winter rolls along and the dark nights get darker, we long for those hot, never-ending summer days to come around once again. To make the most of those rare summer days with perfect weather, here are some things you should definitely be doing.

  1. No work!

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A summer day is meant to be all about relaxing, having fun and making memories. Whatever work you have it can and should wait until tomorrow.

2. Sunbathe

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Top up your tan and make the most of the sun while you can. Bask in its warmth and enjoy being able to develop a tan naturally, and not just thanks to a tanning salon!

3. Spend the day outdoors

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Of course when a summer day with perfect weather comes around, you’ll want to go outside. But why not go the extra mile and just spend pretty much the whole day outdoors?

4. Go exploring

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When the weather’s perfect, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to do some exploring. Whether it’s somewhere close by or far away, discover somewhere new and enjoy seeing what a brand new place has to offer.

5. Head to the beach

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There’s no better time to head to the beach. Whether you want to splash about in the sea or chill out and sunbathe, the beach is the place to be on a perfect summer’s day.

6. Have a barbecue

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With no raincloud in sight, a perfect summer’s day is the best time to invite some friends round and have a good old barbecue, complete with delicious, freshly prepared food and lots of refreshing drinks to wash it down with.

7. Pick strawberries

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This is something that you simply have to do when it’s the height of summer and the weather couldn’t get any better. Plus, you can wash and then eat the strawberries you’ve picked afterwards!

8. Have some ice lollies and/or ice-cream

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When it’s scorching hot outside, there’s no better way to cool than with a nice cold ice lolly or ice-cream. Just make sure you eat it all before it starts melting away!

9. Go for a bike ride

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Go for a long bike ride, take in the scenic sights and feel the warm wind rush past you as you cycle along.

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