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The Best Horror Games To Play Over Halloween – 9 Games that Will Make Halloween Scarier

Sometimes we prefer to play games or watch movies over special periods. They immerse us more in an environment especially when it comes to horror games. Playing as the character and being the one that makes the decisions makes you feel far more scared than watching someone else who we have little empathy for, get themselves into scary situations. Therefore, we decided to have a look down a great list of horror games and come up with a solid few games that will have you and your mates scaring yourselves silly this Halloween. There’s a diverse selection from monster thrillers to paranormal thrillers and more so we’re sure to find a game for every group. So let’s get into our best horror games to play over Halloween list

8. Amnesia: Dark Descent

Amnesia is one of those games that becomes famous not for having a lot of money sponged into it but for being genuinely scary. Amnesia features just you, a torchlight and the object objects and set of keys you can use. It features a horrifying backstory and a really disturbing playthrough for anybody. Amnesia has now also been modded to feature some great alternative storylines now too which you can play through featuring the same gameplay mechanics but different stories, characters and ideas.

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