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Top 10 Friends Moments From the Show that Will Make You Want to See It Again

Friends, unlike some shows, didn’t just appeal to one generation. It was the favourite show of many! Nowadays it’s impossible not to experience things and relate it back to a Friends episode.

But, and this is guaranteed to make you feel old, Friends is now 21! Can you believe it, we certainly can’t. So, to celebrate our favourite comedy, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite Friends moments from the show. These aren’t in any order though – it was hard enough choosing just 10!

When Monica put a turkey on her head and danced…

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We will never forget the moment that Monica put a turkey on her head and danced. Because how else could you possibly cheer up your other half than by doing this? Well it worked, Chandler told her that he loved her for the first time. And who could forget Joey getting the fright of his life.

When Joey put on all of Chandler’s clothes

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Poor Ross, he just wanted everyone to get ready so they could leave for his speech. But when Joey and Chandler started fighting over a seat it was never going to end well for the Friends lot. Especially when Joey put on ALL of Chandler’s clothes and mocked his love of sarcasm.

When we all wanted to find our own lobster

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Phoebe might be the oddest of the Friends lot, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t wise. Especially that time she explained lobsters mated for life and that Ross and Rachel were clearly lobsters. It was from that moment on that we wanted to find our own lobster.

THAT prom video

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When Chip was late to pick up Rachel for prom Ross (who had a massive crush on Rachel) was happy to step in. But as he comes down the stairs in his tux with flowers we see Rachel leaving with Chip. When Rachel sees the video she can’t believe what Ross did for. Awww!

When the mess-ers became the mess-ees!

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After London Monica and Chandler began a secret relationship, but with this group of Friends keeping anything a secret is impossible. And thus started the game of “who knows”. All bar Ross, Ross was oblivious.

When Ross picked up the red sweater

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It was the greatest mystery in Friends history – just who was the father of Rachel’s baby? The only clue was a red sweater. Monica, Phoebe and Joey desperately tried to find the owner but gave up after it wasn’t Tag. Until Ross came in and asked where the gang had found his lost red sweater!

When Will came to Thanksgiving

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There have been lots of amazing Friends cameos along the years but when Brad Pitt came to Thanksgiving dinner it was insanely funny. Will was the co-founder of the “We Hate Rachel Green” club (along with Ross much to Rachel’s horror) and his hatred towards her will make us laugh for years to come.

When Rachel and Monica lost their apartment

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It was the glorious entry of Chandler and Joey into their new apartment that really got us. The girls lost on the question “What is Chandler Bing’s job?”. We still don’t know…

When Joey spoke French

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To be fair to poor Joey, that’s exactly how we’d speak French too. In fact, since that episode aired many of us do the Joey French impression now. Sorry France!

And when Rachel got off the plane

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Just like Ross, we were screaming at the television telling Rachel to get off the plane. And guess what? She did. So many tears!


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