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Amazing Tattoo Artist Using Her Skills To Help Burn Victims Regain Their Confidence

Serious burn victims not only have to deal with the trauma and incredible pain of their injuries, but also with the scars left behind. However, thanks to Canada-based tattooist Basma Hameed and her amazing skills, burn victims are now regaining their confidence.

Via soocurious.com
Via soocurious.com

As a toddler Basma was badly burned by hot oil in a kitchen accident, which scarred half of her face. Despite enduring over 100 medical procedures the scars still remained, and she was told by her plastic surgeon that she was wasting her money trying to repair the damage.

Via cbc.ca
Via cbc.ca

However, Basma felt this wasn’t the end of her journey and discovered paramedical tattooing, a process where special pigments are used to hide skin discolouration caused by scarring. She trained in the method and used it to transform her own face, and now she is helping others with her talent.

Via huffpost.com
Via huffpost.com

One such patient is Samira Omar, who was the victim of an horrific bullying incident. The 17-year-old was attacked and beaten by four girls she believed were her friends, before they doused her with boiling hot water. The skin on her forehead, neck and arms was left scarred, but Basma is agreeing to help her for free.

Via upworthy.com

Talking of the attack, Samira told CBC News:”I remember I looked into the mirror when I was calling for help and I could see my skin completely hanging off me. My neck was burned, my skin was peeling, and it just felt like I’d been through hell and back.”

Via upworthy.com

Samira’s emotional scars are healing, and now thanks to Basma she no longer has to spend her life with the physical scars. It will take a few treatments to cover them, but in the meantime she has gifted Samira with a scar-concealing foundation, also of her own invention.

Via upworthy.com

Kind-hearted Basma says of her unique profession: “My experience has definitely helped me to not give up, to continue to grow, and to help as many people as possible.”

Watch the video below to see the process in action.

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