9 Vintage Beauty Tips We’re Glad No One Uses Anymore – #3 is A Big Relief!


As the age old saying goes, beauty is pain, and these vintage beauty tips are a prime example. Forget tripping over in your high heels and accidents with the eyelash curler, old-timey beauty ideals were not only unattainable, they could also be deadly.

1. Lead Face Powder

Lead has been used as foundation since ancient times to smooth out the skin and cover blemishes, as well as an ingredient in mascara, rouge and other cosmetics. Lead face powder is often associated with Queen Elizabeth I, who is believed to have died from blood poisoning caused by ceruse, a paste formed from a mixture of lead and vinegar popular in the 1700s. People who used lead-based cosmetics poisoned themselves slowly and eventually died, but not before suffering through prematurely grey hair, dried-out skin, severe abdominal pain and constipation. Yuck!

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com