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9 Things You Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead – #6 is Shocking!!!

The Walking Dead has a huge cult following and is one of the most popular TV shows currently airing. The show is currently into its sixth season, with a seventh set to air in October. It’s known for its gratuitous violence, its insane plot twists and its grisly depiction of a world overrun by zombies. Check out these 9 things you didn’t know about The Walking Dead.

  1. Zombie school

via Inquisitr.com
via Inquisitr.com

All of the extras who play walkers are required to go to ‘zombie school’ where they’re taught how to walk and act like the perfect walker.

2. Not a zombie in sight

via Inverse.com
via Inverse.com

The show might be all about zombies, but the writers make a point never to include the word ‘zombie’ in the show at all. This is to help give the impression that the show’s characters don’t have anything to compare the walkers to.

3. Where the dead outnumber the living, by quite a lot…

via Techinsider.io
via Techinsider.io

In the Walking Dead world, walkers outnumber humans by about 5,000.

4. Killer humans

via Forbes.com
via Forbes.com

Of the 17 human deaths in season three, 14 were caused by other humans and only three were caused by walkers.

5. Silent walkers

via Nydailynews.com
via Nydailynews.com

Walkers are instructed to be completely silent when the camera’s rolling. Any sounds they make are actually added after in post-production.

6. Don’t blink!

via Wetpaint.com
via Wetpaint.com

Walkers are also instructed not to blink while they’re being filmed. Any blinking is digitally edited out during post-production.

7. Segregation

via Undeadwalking.com
via Undeadwalking.com

While filming the show, the actors who play the living eat separately from the actors who play the dead. This is to help make them feel as different and apart from each other as possible.

8. Violence galore

via Wetpaint.com
via Wetpaint.com

Executives at HBO nearly passed up the opportunity to air the show because they deemed it too violent.

9. Graphic novel origins

via Comicbook.com
via Comicbook.com

The show is based on a graphic novel by Robert Kilman, who works on the show as a producer. Don’t bother reading the novel to find out what happens – the show deviates from the novel a lot, with many plot points and characters’ deaths changed for the TV show.

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