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10 Apps For Pet Owners – #2 Is a Pet Owner Essential

Are you looking for an app for pet owners? There are plenty on the market depending on what you’re looking for making it hard to choose which you need. With so much choice you probably need a helping hand. Here are 10 of our favourite pet apps to help you get started:

1. Dog Friendly UK

apps for pet owners
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If you love to travel then this app for pet owners could be your perfect travel companion. Aimed at dog owners, the app allows users to search for dog friendly hotels and restaurants across the UK. You can also search for nearby vets if your dog becomes sick while on holiday.

2. Pet First Aid: for Your Dog, Cat, Puppy, or Kitten

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If you own a pet then this first aid app is very useful. It has videos and illustrations on basic first aid for your pet from cuts and scratches to administrating CPR on your pet. This essential app for pet owners even allows you to store information on your pet such as when they received their vaccinations and future vet appointments.

3. Tagg

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Tagg allows you to basically GPS track your dog – perfect if you have a pet that likes to escape for a sneaky trip to the beach. This app will allow to see where your dog is at all times. It even allows you to track your dogs activities to make sure your dog is getting all the exercise it needs.

4. PupTox

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This app for pet owners is essential for ensuring your pet isn’t getting fed anything toxic. It has more than 250 items listed that will harm or kill your pet if it is ingested including plants and chemicals. It also has a handy chocolate toxicity tool for dog owners where you can put in your dog’s weight and type of chocolate to determine the levels of toxins your pet has injested.

5. Pet Names App

apps for pet owners
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This fun little app is brilliant for people who find it hard to think of names for their pets. It has names for all different kinds of pets from cats and dogs to gerbils and even turtles! You can browse by alphabet, most popular or, in the Android version, click random.

6. iCam

apps for pet owners
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This app for pet owners allows you to keep an eye on your pets while you’re at work. You can simply check in through your phone and check to see what your pet is up to. Whether it be to ensure they’re okay or to catch them doing something naughty is up to you.

7. Watch My Puppy Grow

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It’s hard to see your puppy growing as you see them everyday. This Android app for pet owners allows you to upload pictures daily or weekly which will then be morphed into a video to show your pet’s progress.

8. Dog Whistler

apps for pet owners
via Androidvices.com

This app is perfect for dog owners who want to train their pets. The app will emit a frequency at a level you choose, which your dog will be able to hear.

9. PetSnap

apps for pet owners
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This super-fun app for pet owners allows you to get awesome photographs of your furbabies. The app will emit sounds to attract your animals to the camera so you can get a photo of them. It will also allow you to add cute frames to your photos.

10. MapMyDogWalk

apps for pet owners
via Mashable.com

If you’re thinking about losing weight while spending time with your dog then you should check out the MapMyDogWalk app. The app allows you to plan your walking routes and even save your favourite routes. It will even track the calories you burned on your outing.



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