9 Of The Most Controversial Music Videos Ever Released


Controversy sells, which is why many artists aren’t afraid to make shocking, attention-seeking music videos. Even if they get slated, criticised or even banned, in the long run people will remember them more than the videos that didn’t cause as much of a fuss. Here are 9 music videos that, for one reason or another, are often deemed among the most controversial ever.

9‘Like a Prayer’ by Madonna, 1989

Madonna’s video for ‘Like a Prayer’, arguably her most career-defining song, caused a lot of controversy amongst various religious groups and continue to do so today. Not only does she appear dancing in a field of burning crosses, she also witnesses the murder of a girl by white supremacists and kisses an African-American Jesus. The fallout from the video’s release saw Madonna lose a lucrative deal with Pepsi, though the success of the song and video probably made up for it.