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10 Disturbing Dolls That Are Sure To Keep Kids Away From Stores this Christmas

Children’s dolls are creepy at the best of times – many of us would agree with that. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what is is about them; maybe it’s their lifelike eyes that give us the feeling of being watched, or the way they look like us, but they don’t act like us. Whatever the reason, nothing can compare to the eeriness that these 14 genuine children’s toys bring us:

Creepy Walking Doll

In early October 2015, a YouTube video of a doll who walks when you hold its hand went viral. The doll about 3 ft tall, has a pink dress and, for some reason, big black eyes, and has been causing people to yell “Burn it! Burn it with fire!” at their computer screens…

Courtesy of kyaboss.com

Nobody knows exactly where she came from, or how long she’s been around. All we know is she lives somewhere in Mexico. Watch the video if you dare, but be warned, it is very unsettling.

Baby Laugh A-Lot

Baby Laugh A-Lot may sound like an innocent toy who brings joy and happiness to your children, but she’s actually the spawn of the Devil. First of all, she’s wearing bright blue eye-shadow, which is a no-go in itself, but the scariest thing about her is that spine-chilling laugh she has…

Courtesy of heavy.com

Watch the advertisement for yourself, if you want to get nightmares. The part to look out for is when the caption reads “batteries not included”. What in the name of all evil is she running on?!

Baby’s First Baby

Here is a toy that is disturbing in a different way. What looks like a normal plastic baby at first glance, will knock you for six when you realise that the doll is pregnant! Not only that, but ‘baby’s baby is pregnant too!’. Who would even make this?

Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

The playset includes milk bottles, warm towels, cravings, stretch marks, and the doll’s waters really break! What a way to corrupt our children’s minds…

Courtesy of incrediblethings.com

It gets so much worse… ‘Twin pregnant babies, each pregnant with their very own set of pregnant twins. The fun never stops!’. Seriously, when did the fun actually start?

Courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Weeping in the Corner Doll

This raggedy doll was put together to make it look like is constantly crying – if that isn’t messed up enough, I don’t know what is!

Courtesy of lols.me

Half-Dog, Half-Man Baby

Is it a dog? Is it a man? Is it a baby? I just don’t know! What kind of crazy breeding took place to come up with this hybrid?

Courtesy of twitter.com

Killer Bride Doll

We’re exactly not sure how Killer Bride Doll got her reputation as a killer bride, but we’re guessing her husband wasn’t the most faithful man. Something tells us he’s paying for it now though! The real clincher in this picture is the little soldier boy’s face – he’s seen some things behind that glass window more terrifying than any battle he’s ever been in.

Courtesy of twitter.com

 Piano Baby

Either buy your child a keyboard, or buy your child a doll – do not EVER mix the two or you’ll get something so messed up, that it will actually haunt you for an eternity. From the looks of this photograph, the parents tried to bury it in the back-garden, but somehow it escaped and made its way back into the house!

Courtesy of twitter.com

Whatever the heck this is.

It’s like a character from The Grinch played Five Nights at Freddy’s and lost! Now he’s stuck in a bear suit for eternity.

Courtesy of twitter.com

Two-Faced Demon

Because sometimes a doll with one face just isn’t hellish enough!

Courtesy of worldcollectorsnet.com

Grandma came back from the dead and is now plotting her revenge! You shouldn’t have forgotten her birthday that time!

Courtesy of theghostdiaries.com


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