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10 GIFs From Iconic Scenes

Some movies are absolute classics and everybody has their favorite moments from those films. For a lot of people, it’s the moment that they were truly immersed in the story or in the world that the film had taken them into. For others, these moments are scenes that defined the movie and are what made this movie famous. A lot of these scenes today are either parodied or used in similar ways. Therefore, we decided to set yourself a challenge and find GIFs that summed up movies perfectly and that’s exactly what we’ve done.


Via tumblr.com
Via tumblr.com

This scene from Psycho is without a doubt one of the most famous scenes in cinema history. The use of the shadow behind the curtain is terrifying, the fact that you never see the killer’s face despite looking directly at him and so much more. Iconic psycho scene that everybody will recognize.

The Lord of The Rings Franchise

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Another scene that defined a movie and has been parodied and copied so many times in other films. “You shall not pass” echoes throughout the cave in the first The Lord of The Rings movie and shows Gandalf’s true bravery and loyalty to the cause.

The Matrix

via gizmodo.com
via gizmodo.com

This scene was absolutely brilliant and got everybody who was involved in the movies excited about the prospect of Neo finally becoming “The One”. The scene has been copied in nearly every show or movie that takes on parodies and why wouldn’t they? It’s a great scene.

Mean Girls

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Mean Girls was an absolute cult classic and is arguably one of the most-loved chick flicks of all time with some great one liners in there. One line and scene, in particular, is cafeteria scene where Lindsey Lohan first properly meets the girls and they tell her the “rules” she must abide by to be part of the group. One of those being “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”.

Lion King

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

The scene that broke everybody’s hearts from the children it was aimed at, to the parents who watched it with them and found themselves holding back tears. The moment when Simba’s father dies is a moment that everybody will forever remember as a truly heart-breaking moment from their childhood.


via imgur.com
via imgur.com

The SAW films may have been dragged out a little bit too long but the first couple of films were really great and focused on the original idea that this horrible character, Jigsaw was punishing these people for doing wrong in the world. One line that many people still repeat today and remember from the films is “I want to play a game.” It’s so horrific because he sees all these horrible murders as games to decide whether they live or die.

Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

Is there a scene more famous in cinema history than this scene from the 5th Star Wars film? This film has not only been parodied but is has won awards, it has been copied, it has been dubbed in over 100 languages and has gone down as, without a doubt, one of the most shocking turns in a movie series ever.


via rosemills.wordpress.com
via rosemills.wordpress.com

You will start to see more and more of this GIF over the coming month and a half as Christmas gets closer and closer and there’s no harm in that! Elf is one of the best feel-good Christmas movies as Will Farrell plays an over-excited Elf who has gone to New York to find his father at Christmas time. This scene is loved by everybody as his excitement sums up nearly everybody’s feelings about Christmas.


via giphy.com
via giphy.com

Correct me if you’ve seen this scene… This is Titanic and this is the moment that Jack takes Rose to the end of the boat and has her climb up the rails and holds her as she stretches out her arms and feels like she’s flying. One of the most parodied moments in cinema history for sure and one of those that really gives you deep feels.

Planet of the Apes

via tumblr.com
via tumblr.com

We didn’t know whether to include the “Get your hands off me you damned dirty ape” scene or this one from the original hit The Planet of the Apes. We went for this one because this is the scene, right at the end of the film, that surprised audiences with a simply brilliant twist that no one saw coming and that let to a huge number of sequels and even the great modern prequels.



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