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11 Reasons Why Winter is the Greatest Season – #7 is Heart Warming

Winter is the best season. Keep your summer and your spring. We’ll take the cold and the snow any old day.

Indeed, here are some of our favourite reasons for loving winter:

1. Christmas Coffees!

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It might make us terribly basic, but we LOVE Christmas coffees. Places like Starbucks and Costa are the bosses when it comes to creating gorgeous festive hot drinks. How can you not love winter when it’s full of Toffee Nut Lattes and Orange Hot Chocolate?

2. Talking of which… the Holidays are coming!

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How can you not love winter? It’s the season will all the best Holidays in it! There’s Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… Basically winter is full of Holidays that promote eating lots of sweets and having fun. Can’t do that in summer can you?

3. Blankets are essential

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When winter hits it means it’s going to get chilly. Therefore it’s totally acceptable to snuggle on the couch with a blanket at night. We don’t care what anyone says, snuggling into a blanket and watching Netflix for hours beats sunbathing on a beach any day.

4. You get to wear big comfy boots

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Whether it’s big comfy Ugg boots or cool leather knee-highs, boots are awesome. No more flip flops that attach to your toes and hurt your feet, it’s all about those winter boots. Just think how good it feels to splosh through puddles while wearing your boots.

5. There’s those big jumpers too!

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Just like boots, there is something magical about a season where jumpers are practically mandatory. Wearing a jumper is like having a big clothing hug – plus you get to pick out the most ostentatious design you can find and people will love it.

6. Think of those hot showers

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Winter mornings are freezing. You might not want to get out of bed in the morning but just think of that glorious hot shower that is waiting for you. You might want to give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get ready in the morning though. Those showers are too heavenly to leave.

7. Sitting in front of an open fire is pure bliss

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Now not everyone has an open fire in their house, but any open fire will fill you with the joys of winter. May it be a holiday in a log cabin, a big Bonfire in November or a campfire with marshmallows. Feeling that warm fire glow on your face when it’s freezing cold is amazing.

8. Fireworks!

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What’s the point in all those dark winter nights if you can’t fill them with explosives? May it be for Bonfire night or New Years, whenever there are fireworks there’s a party you want to be at.

9. All the best new TV shows start in winter

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Nothing good starts in summer as everyone is away on a beachy holiday. Winter, however, is when all the TV shows we want to see start. They must know that we don’t want to leave our houses.

10. Chocolate becomes really cheap

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With all the chocolate companies fighting over who sells the most at Christmas us customers tend to get a few good cheap buys. Our favourite being a whole Terry’s Chocolate Orange for £1. Nom nom nom.

11. One for all the Game of Thrones fans

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We get to say “Winter is Coming” all the time in our best Ned Stark voice. It’s oddly satisfying.

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