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11 Times Video Games Actually Gave You Life Skills

We’ve probably all been told off by our parents, at some point, to stop playing video games so much. Apparently video games are full of rubbish and make you violent. But they clearly didn’t realise all the life lessons from video games you can learn. Well now you can happily tell your parents how wrong they’ve been all these years! Video games are full of life lessons that we can use in later life. Giving you a a great excuse to play more video games.

From relationships to self confidence, here are some life lessons from video games we love:

1. Pokemon Blue/Red taught us that gambling is bad

life lessons from video games
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If you’ve ever wanted a Porygon in Pokemon, you’ll know the struggles of gambling. No matter how much you tried, you ended up loosing more gold coins than you could save. Which was probably something to do with Team Rocket running the place. As life lessons from video games go, “gambling is bad!” was very useful. Thank you, Pokemon!

2. We learned that driving isn’t as easy as it looks in Grand Theft Auto

life lessons from video games
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There are two types of GTO players, those that drive round like maniacs and those who try to drive within the law. For the latter, the cold hardships of driving was a mean life lesson for video gamers – mainly due to other drivers! Their crazy driving meant your beautiful stolen car got whacked about. Just like in real life – minus the stolen bit.

3. Don’t mix business and pleasure in Skyrim

life lessons from video games
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Many life lessons can be learned from Skyrim, but one of the most important lessons is to NEVER mix business and pleasure. As you play Skyrim you will be given the opportunity to marry certain people you come into contact with including people who you buy and sell from. Tread carefully though, if you change your mind at the alter that person will hold a massive grudge against you.

4. In Borderlands we started off with nothing and worked ourselves into splendor

life lessons from video games
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You don’t learn anything from a game if you can get lots of fancy weapons and skills from he start. In Borderlands you start with literally nothing, at the bottom of your skills tree. You had to find money to buy fancier weapons and choose your skills wisely.

5. Toejam and Earl taught us that humans can be really, really annoying

life lessons from video games
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They run around scaring all the locals, ruin the environment and generally make a mess. It’s little wonder that aliens haven’t come to Earth when us humans are so destructive. In Toejam and Earl we had to run around catching all the humans and cleaning up their mess. It really made us rethink how we act.

6. Mario taught us that woman can be very hard work

life lessons from video games
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As far as life lessons from video games go, Mario taught all men one thing – woman can be hard work. Princess Peach was CONSTANTLY getting kidnapped and held in a castle. And it was never the first castle you looked in, or the second. It was always the last bloomin’ castle.

7. Tetris, the game where your failure accumulates for all to see

life lessons from video games
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Tetris taught us that all that success we achieved for getting rid of bricks just disappears so no one can see. Your failures, however, build up brick-by-brick for all those around you to see. So when you think about it, Tetris is a pretty depressing foreshadow to the rest of your life.

8. Road Rash taught us the life lesson of getting back up again

via Tumblr.com
via Tumblr.com

As far as life lessons from videos games go, Road Rash taught us a perfect one. When you crash in the game, there’s no starting again. You must get up, dust yourself off, get back on your bike and keep going. Just like you should in real life.

9. Arkham City taught us that even the hero needs saving

life lessons from video games
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We all remember the moment. Catwoman is poised to leave Arkham City with her loot and you are asked one question: “will you save Batman?”. Yes, the greatest superhero needs help. Why, you might ask? Well even the best of us need to accept a little help now and again.

10. Pride comes before a fall in Mario Kart

life lessons from video games
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We’ve all been there, you’re leading the race in Mario Kart and you’re within a cat’s whisker of winning. At this point you’re most likely being smug in front of your friends, ready for your victory dance. Then a blue shell hits you and it’s all over.

11. Preparation is everything in Hitman

life lessons from video games
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If you don’t prepare for something then you’re likely to fail. Sure, this isn’t in relation to assassinating people but this life lesson from a video game is very important. If you don’t study you won’t pass that exam, if you don’t practice for that driving test then you’re not getting the license and so on. Practice makes perfect!

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