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13 Unique Unconventional Names Given To Babies Around The World

For new parents naming their baby, there are countless choices available. Some already have a name in mind, while others spend ages poring over books and websites looking for that one perfect name for their child. There’s a huge amount of choice out there, with thousands upon thousands of names to choose from. There are loads of common names we’ve all heard time and time again, but what about the less common ones? What are some of the more unconventional names that babies have been given?

  1. Everest

via News.com.au

Most of us know Everest as the name of the world’s tallest mountain – it’s also a girl’s name.

2. Lively

via Youtube.com

Another girl’s name, Lively can be mismatched – what if the girl doesn’t turn out to be lively at all and is instead sluggish and lazy?

3. Job

via Catalystidaho.com

Job is actually a name that’s been given to baby boys. What next – Career? Profession?

4. Emperor

via Theromanguy.com

Yes, Emperor is actually a baby’s name. Some young boys have been given this name. Let’s just hope they don’t grow up to think they themselves are emperors and should be treated as such…

5. Amen

via Unilad.com

Amen is what you say at the end of a prayer, but it also happens to be a girl’s name.

6. Falcon

via Defendersofwildlife.com

Some boys named Falcon will be pretty impressed when they realise they’re named after a huge bird of prey.

7. Plum

via Whataboutthefood.com

As far as fruit-themed names go, the name Plum, which some girls have, is one of the weirder-sounding ones.

8. Wisdom

via Psychologytoday.com

Boys called Wisdom should hopefully grow up to be intelligent and knowledgeable so that they can live up to their name.

9. Merci

via Myfrenchfilmfestival.com

Some girls are named Merci, which is thank you in French. It’d be interesting to see if there were some French kids named Thanks.

10. Pharoah

via Jerusalempost.com

A boy’s name and the title of the monarchs of ancient Egypt. Kind of like naming your boy King or Prince.

11. Treble

via Skynews.com

Another rather unconventional boy’s name is Treble. It wouldn’t be surprising if there were boys out there called Double or Quadruple.

12. Hallelujah

via Communityvoices.com

While Hallelujah is something you say when worshipping or rejoicing, it also happens to be a girl’s name.

13. Truth

via Barabbasroadchurch.com

Girls named Truth are expected to never lie…

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