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Mariah Carey Threw A Dress Up Party With The Cringiest Theme In Celebrity History

Mariah Carey is known for being one of the biggest divas in show business and well deserved after all the huge hits she has brought out and the hop notes she’s hit so what you’re about to read might not shock you. Recently, Mariah Carey has been making it back into the lime light and has been the topic of celeb gossip columns everywhere with her new reality series coming out and new hits coming our way but the party she has just thrown must top it all!

via popcrush.com
via popcrush.com

A month after her birthday Mariah has been spotted throwing herself a birthday party (a very late one) in Lake Como out in Italy! The party was a house party with a fancy dress theme, which was her! Yes, she really threw her own party where the fancy dress theme was to dress up as Mariah Carey. The idea was for the guests to look good and recreate her iconic looks from her star-studded career, talk about pressure!

via vogue.com
via vogue.com

The now mother, dressed up as herself from her Heartbreaker video as the character Bianca, wearing the same outfit she wore on the Sweet Sweet Fantasy tour. A close source released the inside gossip about the house party in Italy by saying, “Over the weekend, Mariah threw a party in the house she was staying in Lake Como, Italy, About 40 to 50 people — people from her touring crew, friends — dressed up in their favorite Mariah looks; looks inspired by her songs or videos, with Mariah hair, poses, and her signature style.”

via giphy.com
via giphy.com

There are no photos of the guests that have been released so we can only assume they managed to find some Mariah inspired outfits to attend the birthday bash! However, from the photo, Mariah posted fans have had very mixed opinions. Some people think it is a really cool and empowering move and does anyone need to be excused for celebrating themselves? Whereas others have said it is super vain and weird to get your closest friends and family to dress up as you, with the whole theme screaming self-centered diva! What do you think, is it a great idea or super uncool?


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