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5 Natural Feng Shui Tips to Refresh Your Home (and Your Mind) This Spring!

Feng shui has grown in popularity in Western society over the last decade, but it actually dates back to 4000 BCE! In Chinese culture, many believe that the earth’s natural energies can be harnessed to generate a positive ambiance and to gain control over your destiny. The way you interact with your environment can deeply affect various factors in your life including your mood, health fortune, relationships and career. Numerous celebrities regularly use feng shui techniques to enhance their lives including Madonna, Sting, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey. So whether you’ve been following feng shui for a while, or you’re just keen to learn, there’s no better season than Spring to create a happier atmosphere in your home.

1. Recognize the 8 directions.

The above chart shows the eight different directions and what they each represent. If you want to successfully organize your home according to feng shui, you first need to establish the direction of your home and learn which of your rooms face North, East, South and West. For example, if your living room window was facing East, it would symbolize health. This means you would need to place a lot of greenery in this area in order to improve your fitness and well-being.

2. Take good care of your windows.


Windows are one of the most important features of feng shui, as this how the majority of energy enters your home. Making sure you windows are clean, uncluttered and are letting the maximum amount of light in throughout the day will raise your happiness levels.

3. Be aware of colour therapy.


The colours you choose for your room can greatly affect your mood. Here is a breakdown of the colours and the kind of energy they give out:

  • Red: passion and assertiveness (a dash of red in the bedroom can do wonders)
  • Orange: social and lively (a good choice for the living room)
  • Yellow: uplifting, cheery and sunny (great for children’s play rooms)
  • Green: health, renewal and balance (ideal for kitchens)
  • Blue: peace and tranquility (choose this colour for the room you use to relax in most)
  • Purple: mystery and healing (should be used in moderation)
  • Pink: love and romance (makes for a pretty bedroom)
  • Grey: rich and sophisticated (perhaps for a hallway or office?)
  • Brown: strength and stability (good for furnishings and statement walls)
  • White: innocence and purity (should be used in moderation)
  • Black: depth and definition, goes well with anything (use sparingly)

4. Silence those squeaks.

Hearing the painful squeak of a door every time you open it can affect your mood more than you realise, so now’s the time to root for that old oil can and loosen them up. Entering a room in blissful silence will create the best start to your day, whether you’re planning to relax on your own or socialize with friends and family.

5. Plants equals life.

Plants aren’t just there to make your room look pretty (although that’s always a bonus). In the world of feng shui, plants can actually bring a room to life and have numerous health benefits. Placing plants in the East of your home or on top of kitchen cabinets can replenish your soul in ways you never imagined.


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