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20 Homeschooling DIY Projects To Do With Your Kid

With kids spending more and more time staring at screens, it’s important that they learn to appreciate how good it is to put down their phones and do other things instead. Homeschooling projects in 2020 are going to take a toll in education system. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your kid without phones or computers, why not try out some homeschooling DIY projects together? They’re a load of fun, they get your creative juices flowing and once you’re all done, you’re rewarded with something you’ve made together. Here are some brilliant projects to do with your kid – have a go and see which ones you like the best!

  1. The Finger Twister game!

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Ever heard of Finger Twister? It’s just like the original version of Twister, except it’s a lot smaller and you use your fingers instead of your hands, feet and other body parts. It’s a great, family friendly game and making it isn’t hard at all!

2. A wind chime made of keys that looks good and sounds great

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If you’ve got some spare keys lying around, why not put them to use and make a wind chime out of them? It’s easy to do and can be a nice addition to your home. Get your kid to paint the keys to make the wind chime colourful!

3. A fun and fast cardboard marble run

via Mykidcraft.com

Marble runs are a big hit with kids, so how about making your own? All you need is some toilet roll holders and a few other things you can find easily at home. You and your kid can have lots of fun making your DIY marble run, testing it out and painting it all sorts of different colours.

4. A clothespin catapult that will send things flying

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Make a clothespin catapult and you and your kid will have hours of fun together. Just make sure you don’t aim at anything valuable!

5. Paper dream catchers for a peaceful night’s sleep

via Thisishowyouplay.org

Let your imagination run riot and make some wonderfully creative paper dream catchers with your kid. Make them decorative, colourful and great to look at!

6. Felt key rings that come in all shapes, sizes and colours

via Parents.com

When it comes to making felt keyrings, the possibilities are endless! Brainstorm some ideas together with your kid and see what felt creations you can come up with.

7. Snowflakes that are pretty to look at and easy to make

via Blissfullydomestic.com

If you’re keen to get into the Christmas spirit, why not make some nice, decorative snowflakes? They take a few hours, but they’re definitely worth the wait, as they look very realistic if done right.

8. Crystal eggshell geodes that look fantastic

via Artandsoulpreschool.blogspot.com

Who knew you could take plain old eggs and transform them into these stunning crystal geodes? Wow your kid with this amazing science experiment and make lots of colourful geodes together! All you need is a few common household ingredients to get started.

9. A cool and funky robot companion

via Ehow.com

Take some common materials you’ll find around the house and make them into a bright, shiny robot. These DIY robots look cool and a great fun for kids to make and play with once they’re all done. Create a few and build up a robot army!

10. A confetti balloon bowl that’s a great addition to your kitchen

via Diyprojects.com

Balloons aren’t just decorative – they can be made into things like bowls as well. Make a balloon bowl is easy enough to do and if you get confetti involved, the end result can look great.

11. A fort made out of newspaper to fire up your kid’s imagination

via Modernparentsmessykids.com

Kids love having forts – why not make one together? You can make a fort out of newspaper easily enough and once it’s all set up and good to go, your kid will have lots of fun with it. Just make sure it’s sturdy enough so it can support a blanket or towel in case your kid wants to put one over the top.

12. A papier mache money bank so your kid can start saving

via Diyprojects.com

This is a great DIY project for you and your kid to do together. What makes it even better is that you can encourage your kid to start saving money with it.

13. Fizzy pop rockets that take off and even fly, just like real rockets

via Stemlittleexplorers.com

Make your own mini rocket and watch as it launches itself up off the ground. An impressive sight to behold, especially when you and your kid have made it together.

14. For the archaeologists-to-be, a dinosaur fossil dig game

via Diyprojects.com

Make your very own dinosaur fossil dig game and your kid will have loads of fun digging for dinosaurs. Once they’re all done, you can bury the dinosaurs again and again – the fun never has to stop!

15. A solar oven for light snacks when the sun’s out

via Instructables.com

If you’re kids particularly ambitious, making a solar oven is a great activity you can do together. It’s a great science experiment and can come in handy if you’re feeling in need of a snack on a hot summer’s day.

16. A lava lamp to gaze at for ages

via Pbs.org

Kids love lava lamps and you’ll be pleased to know that making your own is really quite easy. Not only is making a lava lamp a good activity, it can also be educational as you can teach your kid how it works as you make it.

17. A nebula jar that’s like looking at the stars

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For something a bit different, why not make a nebula jar? Explain what a nebula is to your kid if they don’t already know, and set about creating your very own nebula jar with a cool outer space look.

18. A birdhouse made from milk cartons for the birds that visit your garden

via Happinessishomemade.net

Instead of throwing milk cartons away, use them to make birdhouses! They’re easy to make and all you need is a few things you should be able to find around the house.

19. A fun way to paint – painting with bubbles!

via Pinterest.com

Who would have thought you could make paintings out of bubbles? Give this fun activity a try with your kid and you’ll both be delighted by the results!

20. Halloween party invitations to take your party to the next level

via Parents.com

Having a Halloween party? Why not make some cool invitations together? Check out these fun and creative invitations that look great and are really easy to make!

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