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14 Things Everyone Who Hates Harry Potter Are Secretly Thinking

Now, you might want to sit down for this news, but apparently not everyone in the world likes Harry Potter. Indeed, some people would go as far as to say that they hate Harry Potter.

It’s crazy we know, but for those of you who do hate Harry Potter we suspect you might be fed up with these 14 things:

1. When you tell people you don’t like Harry Potter…

harry potter
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…so people automatically presume you didn’t read the books right. Or that you have no imagination. No, you just don’t like it!

2. You get treated like a social outcast when you don’t care about new Harry Potter news.

harry potter
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Everyone is so excited about some new Potterthingy website news or some new illustrated book leaving you feeling totally left out because you don’t care.

3. When people start reciting spells at each other…

harry potter
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…and you wish you were actually deaf to escape this hell. Don’t these people realise magic isn’t real?

4. When you get called a muggle.

harry potter
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Just because you don’t run around the town in a cloak shouting pretend spells at other mentalists doesn’t mean you’re a muggle. You’re a human being with better things to do in life.

5. You wonder why everyone wants to go to Hogwarts.

harry potter
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It appears to be the most dangerous place on Earth. There’s always someone dying!

6. Putting someone in Slytherin in a Harry Potter fan way of being mean.

harry potter
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It seems Harry Potter fans are just as mean as the rest of us.

7. That Dude Who Isn’t Named would never work.

harry potter
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There would totally be some little smug kids who’d call him Voldemort all the time to look big in front their friends.

8. When your friends dragged you to see the movies.

harry potter
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They told you that the movies would blow your mind. Instead you had to watch plotless rubbish that was worse than the books.

9. You cry a little inside when you hear that people try to play Quidditch.

harry potter
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You’re grown ups! Act like it and get off the kitchen broom.

10. When your friend gets a Harry Potter tattoo.

via Esliechiversdotcom.wordpress.com
via Esliechiversdotcom.wordpress.com

And you have to outwardly gush over it while actually thinking about what a massive moron they are.

11. Or, worse, your friends tells you that they’re having a Harry Potter wedding.

harry potter
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You can already feel a migraine coming on for that date…

12. You’re fed up seeing your friends with pictures of that stupid platform.

harry potter
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In fact, you’d rather see Facebook full of baby photos.

13. The obsession with the sweets.

harry potter
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What exactly is the appeal of a jelly bean that tastes like vomit? You people are mental.

14. Hey Twilight, we totally forgive you!

via Tumblr.com
via Tumblr.com

Come back into our lives and relieve us of these mad magicians.

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