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15 Reasons Why it’s Great to be a Taylor Swift Fan

Being a fan can be a difficult job. It’s very rare that you get any recognition for the time and energy you put into being a fan. Some celebrities even treat their fans like they aren’t important when in reality without them no celebrity would be where they are. One person who definitely doesn’t take her fans for granted is Taylow Swift. Here are 15 reasons why it’s great to be a Taylor Swift fan.

1. You Could be Part of ‘Swiftmas’

Referred to by her fans as ‘Swiftmas’, Taylor not only bought large amounts of presents, she also wrapped and delivered them to some of her most devoted fans. Not just any gifts though, she actually looked through social media to find out what these ‘Swifties’ would like to make sure that they enjoyed the gifts she bought.

2. She Makes her Fans into Stars

taylor swift and fans
source: telegraph.co.uk

Taylor’s Shake it Off video obviously contains numerous professional dancers but it also features a fair number of Swifties who had contacted her. Not only did they get to meet their idol but also to be part of her video. That’s pretty cool!

3. Selfies with Swifties  

Taylor Swift fan
Courtesy of Instagram

At the Grammy Awards, Taylor tracked down this fan who has stated that she would be attending the ceremony in an attempt to get close to the star. Rather than running a mile, Taylor found her and took a selfie, or few, with her.

4. Day Out in Connecticut 


Taylor found out about a huge fan in Connecticut who had a difficult time falling pregnant. So she took a trip to visit and showered the fan’s child with gifts, as well as staying for a couple of hours just to hang out with the family.

5. She’s Always Got Time for Fans 

On a trip into Starbucks one day Taylor discovered that the customers were quite happy to see her. Rather than slipping out the back and getting on with her day she took the time to pose for photos with every person in the coffee shop that wanted to.

6. Pay Off Those Student Loans 

Taylor swift fan gift
Courtesy of Twitter

With the release of her 1989 album Taylor took a bit of a 1989 theme to her gift giving. She sent one fan a cheque for $1989, along with a necklace and handwritten note informing her that she should use the money towards paying off her student loans.

7. She Appreciates Dedicated Fans 

After seeing a video on Tumbler of Jacob Thomas, Taylor decided he deserved to see her live in concert. Being Taylor Swift though she didn’t just give him tickets to a show. Instead she flew him and his family to New York, where they met her and watched her performance at the Jingle Ball concert.

8. She Doesn’t Forget 

Taylor Swift fan's bridal shower
Courtesy of gossipcop.com

After meeting one fan at a formal meet and greet, Taylor decided she would gate crash the woman’s bridal shower. Obviously this fan didn’t mind at all and the two are now firm friends and have kept in touch!

9. She’s Will Track you down 

Taylor Swift fan tracked donw
Courtesy of elitedaily.com

After waiting for 20 hours to see Taylor Swift at the Radio 1 studios, Sinead Murray probably wasn’t expecting to be tracked down. But that is exactly what Taylor did. She tracked her down, told her she really enjoyed her posts and of course, took some selfies.

10. Just a Generally Lovely Human being 

Taylor Swift fan Central Park
Courtesy of entertainment.ie

While she was in Central Park, Taylor stopped to help a fan step off a row boat. She then happily posed for some photos before handing the same fan some cash to pay for a meal she was having later. Not many people would do one of those, nevermind all three!

11. She Bakes – With Fans

Valentine's Day with Taylor Swift fan
Courtesy of etcanada.com

Valentine’s Day can be miserable, but not if you’re a Swiftie! Taylor invited one lucky fan to her apartment where they spent the day baking cookies and generally just having a girlie hang out.

12. She Helped a Fan with a Breakup

Taylor Swift helps fan with break up
Courtesy of elitedaily.com

When Taylor saw a heartbroken fan on Tumblr she couldn’t help but reply and offer some words of wisdom. She didn’t stop there though, she also made this fan a ‘moving on’ playlist. How many other celebrities would take the time to do that for a fan?

13. She Stays Longer than She Should

Patient fan with Taylor Swift
Courtesy of nydaily news

Taylor often makes visits to fans who are ill but on one occasion she went above and beyond. She was scheduled to visit a cancer centre to spend an hour with one of her fans. However, Shelby Huff wasn’t the only fan at the hospital and so Taylor actually stayed for 5 hours so she could spend some time with everyone who wanted to.

14. She Doesn’t Have a Big ego

Another time that Taylor visited a fan suffering with cancer she sang a duet with him. You’d think she’d be up for singing one of her own, but in fact the duo sang an Adele song while the Swiftie played along on the piano, much to Taylor’s delight. Not an ego or a dry eye in sight!

15. Invites Fans to her House for a Party! 

Probably the best thing Taylor has done for her fans was to invite them to her actual house to listen to her album and just generally chill out. This wasn’t a formal meet and greet where you get one minute to blurt out everything you’ve ever wanted to say, but an informal get together of fans that just happened to be at Taylor Swift’s house with the lady herself.


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