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21 Amazing Things Your Body Does That You Might Not Know

The human body is AMAZING. It can do all sorts of stuff we don’t know about – even while you’re sitting in old clothes playing Xbox, your body is performing amazing chemical and biological reactions. For instance, did you know the human body is capable of lifting a car? No? Well read these 20 other facts about the human body and the amazing amazing things your body does:

1. Your teeth are the only part of your body that can’t repair itself

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Which is why you should take extra care of your teeth!

2. Your brain is more active during the night than it is during the day

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Indeed your brain operates on the same amount of power as a 10 watt lightbulb does.

3. Only facial hair serves any purpose

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The rest of the hair on our bodies is completely useless and can be removed without any kind of side effects.

4. Humans are capable of superhuman strength

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In stressful circumstances, the hormone adrenaline is released which can you give you superhuman strength. Which is why there has been cases where in extreme circumstances people have been capable of lifting cars.

5. The more you dream, the smarter you are

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Studies have shown that the higher an IQ of a person then the more they will dream at night.

6. The body can produce enough heat to boil water

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In just half an hour the body produces enough heat to boil a gallon of water – guess we’re all pretty hot then!

7. The average body is made from seven octillion atoms

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Now that’s a LOT of atoms. The galaxy is only made from 3 billion stars yet w’re made from 7 octillion atoms.

8. Your skeleton regenerates every 10 years

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That means that every ten years you’ll get a brand new skeleton.

9. Your sweat doesn’t stink

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Body odor is actually caused by the bacteria that lives on your skin eating your sweat. It’s their waste products that smell – nice!

10. Humans are the only animal to produce emotional tears

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Does that make us the wimpiest creatures?

11. The female egg is the only cell in human body that is visible to naked eye

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While surprisingly the sperm cells are the smallest cell in the human body.

12. Your body has sixty thousand miles of blood vessels

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That’s a LOT of blood vessels.

13. Your eyes are the same size from birth

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But your nose and ears never stop growing. Especially if you tell lies…

14. Memory is affected by body position

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Studies have shown that the way in which your mind remembers things is affected by how your body is positioned. So if you are sitting a certain way at a certain time your memory can be triggered.

15. Your nose can remember 50,000 scents

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And females can identify and recognise smells better than males can.

16. The brain processes pain but doesn’t feel any pain

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It’s far too busy telling your body to avoid pain to feel it itself.

17. Your eye muscles move around 100,000 times a day

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Your eye muscles move to allow your eyes to focus. If your legs muscles were to be worked out the same amount you would need to walk 50 miles.

18. When you blush, your stomach blushes too

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This is due to the fact that there’s an increased blood flow through the body.

19. It takes seventeen muscles to smile and 43 to frown

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Which should probably mean you should smile more, or if you want to workout those muscles then frown all you like!

20. The strongest muscle in your body the tongue

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Which is probably why we can talk and eat so much!

21. You have thousands of bacteria in your bellybutton

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There are, in fact, so many living bacteria in your bellybutton that they could form an ecosystem the size of a rain forest.


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