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5 TV Couples We Wanted To Get Together That Never Happened

Everyone loves a good TV romance, especially when they’re formed from one of those ‘will they/won’t they couples.’ You know the type. A pairing that seem so right for one another, but there are too many obstacles in their path until finally, one day, they get it together. Well, this article isn’t about the Ross and Rachel’s of the small screen, it’s for the Joey’s and the Phoebe’s. It’s dedicated to those TV couples that should have got together, but for some reason never did and it broke our hearts.

Image courtesy of tumblr.com
Image courtesy of tumblr.com

4. Jamie and Brienne

Like many great fictional couples, these pair are the definition of opposites attract. ‘Game of Thrones’ Jaime and Brienne started out hating one another before forming a solid connection built on mutual respect. They saved each other’s lives multiple times in season three, and Jaime’s respect for Brienne’s strict sense of honour seemed to help transform the Kingslayer into a better person. However, this never turned into anything romantic on his part. Although Brienne admitted she had feelings for Jaime to Cersei, Jaime has always been unable to see anyone but his sister (ick).

Image courtesy of memeslanding.com
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