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These 6 Greatest Zingers Made By Film Critics Are Better Than The Movie Itself – Learn How

Ever hated a movie so much you wish you could sum up that hatred in a roast-like one-liner? Well, never fear, because the critics are here to shut down every film we’ve hated so much that it made hate rise up within us. Below, is a list of just some of the best.

5. The Fifth Element

“Say this for Besson: He has never been hobbled by bourgeois notions of logic, coherence, or consistency. The Fifth Element alternates between high solemnity and low buffoonery, without for a second finding the ideal middle ground. One moment, creatures are blowing one another away in gun battles that have all the suspense and emotional weight of custard-pie fights, while a queenie talk-show host (Chris Tucker) shrieks and capers for the groundlings. The next, our heroine is viewing a series of genuine 20th century wartime-atrocity photos, and weeping with doubt over whether this vicious world is really worth preserving. At such times, that big black space ball begins to look like a metaphor for the movie–a giant Gallic turd.” – David Edelstein

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