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Father Son Has Re-imagined American States As Food Puns – Don’t You Think Waffleaska is Rather Tasty?

What started off as a random conversation between a father and son has turned into a massive internet project to complete all the American states as food puns. Well for Chris Durso of Foodiggity and his son the idea to recreate the states we know and love with names like New Pork seemed like a very important plan. So, armed with some state shaped cookie cutters and a love of food puns they set about renaming them all.

Here are some of the states Chris, his son and the foodiggity community came up with:

New Pork

food puns
via Instagram.com

New Pork, New Pork! We like what they did there. It’s a simple, but effective food pun.

West Virgingerbread Man

food puns
via Instagram.com

This food pun state looks so cheery that we want to visit straight away! Hopefully it’s not like the gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel though…


food pun
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We can just imagine the inhabitants of Alahama singing “Sweet Home Alahama” and hosting big ham parties.


food pun
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This food pun state reminds us so much of Hannibal Lecter that we won’t be visiting it anytime soon for fear of ending up as dinner…


food pun
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The windy state where every river is made of hummus? Sounds good to us. Be sure to bring lots of crisps with you!

New Mexiquiche

food pun
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We might have expected something with a little more punch for New Mexico but there’s no denying how fun it is trying to say this food pun quickly. Go on, give it a try!


food pun
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This food pun is delicious. Literally. We want to eat the entire waffle state of Alaska. Hopefully there’s lots syrup on offer.


food pun
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There could be no other food pun for Mississippi than one involving peas. At least we can say that this new state is super healthy. And it will go wonderfully with any fishy states.


food pun
via Instagram.com

It’s one of our favourite states so it makes sense that Nebraska’s food pun is a super tasty kebab too. Hopefully the weather is always good enough to have a barbecue sizzling!

Enjoying the American state food puns? You can see more of them on Foodiggity’s Instagram page here. 

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