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Awesome Couple Transform Their Kitchen Into The One From The Simpsons

This is the definition of true fandom. Quirky Canadian couple Marcia Andreychuk and Joel Hamilton love The Simpsons so much, they’ve transformed their kitchen into the same one found in the long-running animated series.

Image courtesy of cargocollective.com
Image courtesy of cargocollective.com

Not only that, but their attention to detail is exceptional. Right down to the purple and red cupboards and the legendary corn cob curtains.

Image courtesy of metro.co.uk
Image courtesy of metro.co.uk

Even the floor is the same!

Image courtesy of metro.co.uk
Image courtesy of metro.co.uk

Originally the couple planned to do a “retrovation”, which means to keep the old but make it feel new and fresh. At some point they realised that their kitchen has the same structure and layout as The Simpsons, right down to the 1950s style appliances, and the idea was born.

Image courtesy of metro.co.uk
Image courtesy of metro.co.uk

Many of the tricks used to turn their kitchen into a replica of Marge’s were fairly simple, and included covering surfaces in contact paper to change their colour, recreating Marge’s green cooker and the blue sideboards.

Image courtesy of metro.co.uk
Image courtesy of metro.co.uk

As well as pretty straightforward, the project is also a safe investment, Marcia said in a video interview with Canadian news channel CBC that “this is a risk-free project for the most part because it’s not like we’re ripping the kitchen apart and putting a ton of money into it.” The pair are now also saving to buy actual ‘retro-inspired’ green appliances for their home, and even have a picture of The Simpsons kitchen hanging in the room: “I think it’s ironic that I have a picture of my kitchen in my kitchen” Marcia said.

Image courtesy of hellogiggles.com
Image courtesy of hellogiggles.com

As you have probably guessed, the duo both love The Simpsons, which began in 1989 and has now been running for an impressive 26 seasons. Joel has been a fan since childhood: “Every winter I watch every single episode that’s been released. The Simpsons for me is actually a baby blanket. If I’m not feeling very well, if I’m depressed, if I have a bad day — I come home and pop The Simpsons on and I’m 10-years-old again and everything is alright.”


You can watch the whole story of the reconstruction here.

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